Pope selection Vocabulary Word List (170)

A)Acclamation, Administrator, Almighty, Appeal, Appearance, Appointment, Archbishop, Ardor, Argentina, Assembly, Audience
B)Belief, Bells, Bishop of Rome, Bishops, Bless, Blessings, Briefings
C)Candidate, Cardinals, Caring, Castel Gandolfo, Catholic, Centuries, Choice, Choosing, Chosen, Christianity, Church, Clergy, Clerics, Closed-door, Comfort, Communicator, Conclave, Confer, Conflict, Consecration, Conservative, Convene, Convocation, Crowds
D)Deadlock, Degrees, Deliberation, Devotion, Dignify, Diocese, Direction, Divine, Doctrine, Dogma
E)Edification, Education, Effective, Elderly, Elect, Election, Electors, Elevation, Entanglement, Event
F)Fluency, Friar, Funeral
G)Gathering, God, Godly, Governance, Guide
H)Habemus papam, Hierarchy, Historical, History, Holy See, Holy Spirit
I)Impress, Inspiration, International, Italy, Italy
L)Laity, Leader, Leader, Life, Likely, Listener
M)Mass, Men, Messes, Minister, Moderate
N)Negotiate, Numbers, Nun
O)Oath, Open-minded, Orthodox, Outcome
P)Papabile, Papacy, Papal, Parish, Pews, Pilgrimage, Pilgrims, Policy, Political, Pontificate, Pope, Position, Practices, Prayer, Preach, Predecessors, Prediction, Prelate, Preparation, Prestige, Priests, Progressive, Protocol, Protracted
Q)Qualities, Quest
R)Re-builder, Reformer, Regalia, Reign, Religion, Renewal, Reputation, Respectful, Responsibilities, Revelation, Revered, Rome
S)Seal, Secret, Secular, Selection, Service, Shepherd, Sins, Solace, Solemn, Spiritual, Studies, Successor, Sudden, Supervise, Supporter, Swiss Guards, Symbolism
T)Theological, Toll, Tradition, Training
V)Vatican, Vicar of Christ, Viewpoint, Violation, Visionary
W)White smoke, Work
Y)Years, Yellow and white flags
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