Polo Vocabulary Word List (278)

A)Ache, Action, Adequate, Adrenaline, Adversary, Advice, Advise, Aggressive, Alert, Allure, Amateur, Animal, Anticipation, Anxiety, Athlete, Atmosphere, Audible, Authority
B)Ball, Bamboo root, Bandage, Barn, Battle, Best, Better, Big-money, Bit, Blacksmith, Block, Bold, Boots, Braid, Breeches, Breeches, Breed, Bridle, Bump
C)Calculate, Canter, Casual, Championship, Change, Charge, Chase, Chic, Chukker, Circle back, Circuit, Club, Club house, Collision, Commands, Competition, Concussion, Consequences, Contagious, Contest, Contest, Contest, Conversation, Cool off, Courageous
D)Defeat, Defended goal, Defense, Desirable, Dilemma, Direction, Distance
E)Efforts, Elite, Enjoyment, Entitled, Equipment, Exceed, Excitement, Exclusive, Expense, Expert
F)Fall, Falter, Farrier, Field, Fierce, Flat basis, Forward, Foul, Free hit, Friends
G)Gallop, Goal, Goal post, Good, Grandstand, Grass, Groom, Grooming
H)Handicap, Hardwood, Haul back, Heat, Helmet, Hierarchy, Hire, Hit, Hitting, Hook, Hooves, Horse, Horsemen, Horseshoe, Hurt, Hustle
I)Immediate, Inadequate, Infraction, Injury, Interest, Intermission, International, Interval, Investigation
J)Jar, Jersey
K)Knee boards, Knee guard, Knock in
L)Lash, Lessons, Level, Lope, Loss
M)Mallet, Maple, Match, Media, Member, Membership, Miscalculate, Money, Mount, Muscles
N)Nearside, Neck shot, Notice, Numbers
O)Offense, Offensive, Offside, Opponent, Out of bounds, Outdoors
P)Pack, Painful, Paper-mache, Participate, Penalty, Period, Pivot, Play, Player, Polo ponies, Pommel, Pony, Popularity, Position, Post, Potential, Practice, Private, Professional, Progression, Puffing, Push
Q)Quandary, Query, Quest, Quickly
R)Race, Rapid, Rating, Rattan, Reach, Referee, Regulation, Rein, Relationship, Responsible, Restraint, Results, Ride-off, Rider, Riding, Round, Rules, Rush
S)Saddle, Saddle, Score, Shaft, Shot, Shouting, Sideboards, Sidelines, Sight, Sizable, Size, Skittish, Snort, Social, Spectacular, Speed, Sport, Stadium, Stall, Stands, Statistics, Stick, Stirrups, Stirrups, Stop, Strap, Strength, Stride, Supervise, Support, Sweating, Swing, Swing, System
T)Tack, Tailgate, Talent, Team, Teammate, Temper, Ten, Ten-goal, Tension, Third man, Thoroughbred, Three-goal, Throw-in, Tied, Time-out, Tournament, Tournament, Trailer, Training, Trample, Travel, Turf, Turn, Twist
U)Umpire, Undefended goal, Unique, Universal
V)Version, Veterinarian, Victory
W)Warn, Watch, Wealth, Web, Whistle, White breeches, Willow ball, Win, Win, Wound
Y)Yards, Yell, Yield, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zero
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