Pollution Vocabulary Word List (139)

A)Accumulation, Acid rain, Aerobic bacteria, Affect, Air, Anaerobic bacteria, Asbestos, Atmosphere
B)Bacteria, Ban, Burning
C)Carbon monoxide, Cause, Caution, Chemicals, Chronic, Combustion, Complicate, Concentration, Condition, Contamination, Corrosion, Cycle
D)Damage, Dangerous, Dead, Debris, Decay, Decibel, Decomposition, Destruction, Dirt, Discharge, Disease, Disposal, Drainage, Dumping
E)Effect, Effluent, Emission, Engine, Environment, Erosion
F)Factory, Fallout, Farming, Fertilizer, Fire, Fireplace, Fuel, Fungi
G)Gas, Greenhouse effect
H)Harmful, Haze, Heavy metal, Hydrocarbon
I)Imbalance, Improvement, Invasion
L)Leach, Lessen, Levels, Litter
M)Manufacturing, Matter, Mercury, Microbe, Mold
N)Nitrates, Nitrogen dioxide, Noise
O)Odor, Outdoors
P)Particles, Particulate, Perpetual, Persuasion, Pesticide, Phosphate, Poison, Pollutant, Prevention, Procedure, Prosecute
Q)Quality, Qualm, Query, Quest, Questions
R)Radiation, Reckless, Reduction, Regulation, Represent, Resource, Restriction, Rule, Run off
S)Scattering, Sewage, Sewerage, Silt, Slag, Smell, Smog, Smoke, Soil, Solid waste, Stench, Substance, Sulfur dioxide, Surroundings, Survival
T)Temperature, Treatment plant, Troublesome
U)Ugly, Unhealthy, Unnatural, Unsanitary, Unsavory, Untreated, Upset, Urban
V)Vile, Visibility
W)Wash, Waste, Wasteful, Water, Worthless
Y)Yearning, Youth
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