Police and Law Enforcement Vocabulary Word List (537)

A)Abide, Abuse, Accessory, Accidental, Accomplice, Accord, Accused, Accuser, Action, Administer, Admission, Adopt, Adversary, Affect, Affidavit, Against, Agency, Agent, Agreement, Alias, Alibi, Alienate, Allegation, Ammunition, APB, Appeal, Appoint, Appraisal, Armed, Armor, Arraignment, Arrest, Arsenal, Arson, Aspect, Assailant, Assault, Assignment, Assistance, Attachment, Attack, Attitude, Authority, Authorize, Autopsy
B)Background check, Backup, Badge, Bail, Ballistics, Bankruptcy, Bargain, Base, Basis, Battery, Beat, Behavior, Behind bars, Belief, Blackmail, Bloodstain, Bobby, Bomb squad, Bond, Branch, Breach, Bribery, Briefing, Brutal, Buccal swab, Burden, Burglary
C)Capability, Captain, Capture, Case, Caution, Cease fire, Challenge, Character, Cheat, Chief, Circumstances, Citizen, Civil, Claim, Code, Coerce, Collusion, Command, Commission, Commissioner, Commit, Common-law, Community property, Community relations, Community service, Complaint, Complication, Conduct, Confession, Connection, Consent, Consideration, Conspiracy, Constable, Constitution, Contact, Contempt, Control, Controversial, Convict, Conviction, Cooperation, Cop, Coroner, Corruption, Counterfeit, Court, Credit theft, Crime, Criminal, Criminal justice system, Criminology, Cuffs, Custody
D)Damage, Danger, Dangerous, Dark side, Data base, Deadly, Deal, Dealings, Decision, Dedication, Deed, Defendant, Defense, Deliberate, Delinquency, Democratic, Denial, Department, Deputy, Detail, Detain, Detection, Detective, Deter, Determination, Deviant, Dignity, Direct, Discovery, Disobedience, Dispatch, Disregard, District attorney, DNA, Documentation, Documents, Domestic, Drill, Drugs, Duty
E)Educate, Education, Effect, Embezzle, Emergency, Emphasis, Enable, Encumber, Enforce, Entail, Equality, Equipment, Escape, Ethical, Eviction, Evidence, Examination, Execute, Exonerate, Expert, Expunge, Extort, Extradition, Extreme
F)Failure, Fairness, Family, Fatality, Fault, FBI, Federal, Felony, Fight, Fine, Fingerprint, First-degree, Footprints, Force, Forgery, Formal charge, Frantic, Fraud, Freedom, Friend, Full-scale, Fundamental
G)Glimpse, Good guys, Government, Grief, Grievance, Guarantee, Guard, Guilty, Gun
H)Handle, Harassment, Harmful, Headquarters, Heinous, Helicopter, Helpful, High-powered rifle, High-profile, Hijack, Hire, Holding cell, Holster, Homicide, Honesty, Honor, Hostage, Humanity
I)Identification, Illegal, Immoral, Immunity, Impeach, Impression, Imprison, Improper, Inappropriate, Incompetent, Incriminating, Indictment, Influence, Informant, Information, Initiative, Injury, Innocent, Inquest, Instruct, Integrity, Intelligence, Interests, Interference, Interpol, Interpretation, Interrogate, Interstate, Intervention, Interview, Invasive, Investigate, Investigation, Involvement, Irregular, Issue
J)Jail, John Doe, Judge, Judgment, Judicial, Judiciary, Jurisdiction, Jury, Justice, Juvenile
K)Kidnapping, Kin
L)Laboratory, Larceny, Law, Law-abiding, Lawfully, Lawsuit, Leaks, Lease, Legacy, Legal, Legitimate, Lethal, Libel, Liberty, License, Lie detector, Lien, Lieutenant, Limits, Long hours, Lowlife, Loyalty, Lynch
M)Mace, Maintain, Majority, Malice, Malpractice, Manacled, Manslaughter, Mayhem, Mentor, Metal detector, Minority, Miscreant, Misdemeanor, Missing person, Mission, Model, Moratorium, Motorist, Murder, Murderer
N)Negligent, Negotiable, Negotiate, Neighborhood, Notation, Notification, Nuisance
O)Oath, Obedience, Obey, Obligation, Offender, Offense, Officer, Official, Ongoing, Open case, Opinion, Opportunity, Order, Organize, Outage, Ownership
P)Partner, Partnership, Patrol, Pattern, Pedestrian, Penalize, Penalty, Perjury, Perpetrator, Petition, Petty theft, Phony, Plainclothes officer, Plead, Police, Police academy, Power, Precedent, Precinct, Preliminary findings, Prevention, Previous, Principle, Prior, Prison, Private, Probable cause, Probation officer, Procedure, Professional, Profile, Proof, Property, Prosecute, Prosecutor, Protection, Protocol, Provision, Public, Punishment
Q)Qualification, Quality, Quantify, Quantity, Quarrel, Quell, Question, Quickly, Quirk
R)Radar, Raid, Rank, Rap sheet, Reason, Record, Recovery, Recruit, Redress, Reduction, Referendum, Refute, Regulations, Reinforcement, Reject, Repeal, Reported, Reports, Reprobate, Reputation, Requirement, Resist, Responsibility, Restraining order, Restriction, Revenge, Rights, Riot, Robbery, Rogue, Rules, Rulings
S)Sabotage, Safeguard, Sanction, Scene, Sealed record, Search and rescue team, Secret, Seize, Selection, Sentence, Sergeant, Seriousness, Services, Sheriff, Shyster, Sighting, Situation, Skillful, Slander, Slaying, Smuggling, Speculation, Squad, Statute, Statute of limitation, Stipulation, Subdue, Subpoena, Successful, Summons, Supervise, Suppress, Surveillance, Survivor, Suspect, Suspected, Suspicion, Suspicious, Sworn, System
T)Tactic, Tantamount, Task force, Technique, Testify, Testimony, Threatening, Thwart, Toxicology, Traffic, Transfer, Trauma, Treatment, Trespass, Trial, Trooper, Trust
U)Unacceptable, Unauthorized, Unclaimed, Unconstitutional, Undercover, Underpaid, Understaffed, Unexpected, Uniform, Unintentional, Unit, Unjust, Unknown, Unlawful, Unsolved, Uphold
V)Vagrancy, Vandalism, Viable, Vice, Victim, Victimize, Victory, Vigilante, Violate, Violation, Violence, Volume, Volunteer, Vow, Vulnerable
W)Wanted poster, Ward, Warning, Warrant, Weapon, Will, Wiretap, Wisdom, Witness, Worse, Wrong
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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Members of law enforcement often deal with crimes relating to people known as:
addicts, crooks, derelicts, felons, hookers, hustlers, junkies, miscreants, panhandlers, scam artists. suspects, and thugs

Adjectives that define some behaviors associated with criminals:
conspiring, defrauding, fearless, greedy, horrific, killing, maiming, rampage, senseless, stalking, terrorize, threatening

Examples of a CRIME word list might include some of the following: arson, assault, break-in, contempt, drugs, felonies, fraud, illegal schemes, kidnapping, larceny, murder, homicide, pedophilia, peeping, perjury, petty theft, prostitution, rape, robbery, sex crimes, shooting, stabbing, stalking, theft, trespass, voyeurism

Verbs a suspect might use: claim, complain, deny, give false testimony, fidget, implicate an accomplice, lie, prevaricate, swear

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