Poker Vocabulary Word List (349)

A)Ability, Ace, Action, Addiction, Advance, Advocate, Affect, Aggressive, All-around, All-star cast, Allure, Amateur, Amazing, Ambiance, Amount, Ante, Appeal, Approach, Aspect, Assess, Astute, Atmosphere, Attendance, Attraction, Aware
B)Back-to-back win, Beat, Benefit, Bet, Big business, Big-stack, Bluff, Bonus, Bookmaker, Bracelet, Bravado, Broadcast, Business, Bust, Buy-in
C)Call, Capable, Card hand, Cards, Career, Careful, Cash, Casino, Cautious, Celebrities, Challenge, Champ, Championship, Chance, Cheating, Chips, Choice, Commentator, Commercial, Common, Community cards, Competition, Competitor, Compulsion, Consecutive cards, Contender, Contest, Contribution, Control, Count, Coverage, Coveted, Cutthroat
D)Deal, Dealer, Decision, Deck, Defending, Deposit, Derail, Determination, Downs, Drama, Draw, Dream
E)Earnings, Endless play, Enigma, Entrance, Entry fee, Environment, Equivalent, Estimate, Event, Excitement, Expense, Experience, Exposure, Expression
F)Face down, Face up, Fame, Favorite, Feature, Federal, Felt, Field, Final, Finish, First-timer, Flop, Flow, Flush, Foe, Fold, Fortune, Fraud, Full house
G)Gambling, Game, Generate, Glamor, Glamorous, Goal, Government
H)H.O.R.S.E., Hands, Haul, High, High-limit, High-stakes, Hobby, Hold, Hole-card, Hone, Honesty, Hope, Hours, Hundreds
I)Illegal, Immortalize, Impact, Improbable, Improvise, Income, Incredible, Inferior, Inside straight, Instinct, Instruction, Interest, Intimidating, Invitational
J)Jack, Job, Join, Joker
K)King, Knack, Knocked out, Knowledge
L)Lead, Legality, Legalize, Legendary, Lender, License, Limits, Loan, Local, Low, Low-key, Low-profile, Luck, Lucky, Lure
M)Main, Main event, Major, Maximum, Meaning, Minor, Misdeal, Mixed game, Monetary, Money, Money Laundering, Moneymaker, Monitor
N)Negotiate, Nerves, Newcomer, No-limit, Norm, Numbers
O)Objective, Observation, Obsession, Occurrence, Odds, Official, Old-timer, Opponent, Opportunity, Option, Order, Outlast
P)Pair, Parlance, Participate, Patience, Pay out, Performance, Perks, Personality, Pile, Pitch, Pity, Play, Player, Point system, Poker, Poker-playing pal, Popularity, Position, Pot, Potential, Predictable, Premier, Pressure, Private, Prize, Prize money, Professional, Proficiency, Profile, Prohibit, Promotion, Proposition, Protection, Public
Q)Qualify, Qualm, Queen, Questions
R)Rank, Read, Regarded, Registrant, Regulation, Reputation, Respect, Results, Returnees, Revenue, Reward, Risk, River, Rookie, Round, Rounder, Rules
S)Satellite tournament, Savvy, Scary, Seat, Secretive, Security, Service, Set, Settlement, Seven-card stud, Sharp, Showdown, Showroom, Shuffle, Significance, Sinful, Situation, Skill, Smoking, Sneak peek, Speculate, Split, Sponsor, Sport, Stack, Stakes, Steady, Straight, Strategy, Style, Suit, Superior, Sustain, System
T)Table, Table Talk, Tactics, Talent, Team, Technical, Telecast, Television, Tell, Thirteen cards, Timing, Top player, Total, Tournament, Tradition, Trait, Travel, Turn, Turnout
U)Ultimate, Ultra-exclusive, Unbelievable, Unbreakable, Underage, Underdog, Underestimate, Unofficial, Unprecedented, Unpredictable, Unrealistic, Upfront
V)Variety, Venue, Veteran, Victory, Viewer, Visibility
W)Wager, Watch, Weekend games, Wild card, Winner, Winnings, Wise, Women players, World Series
Y)Yearn, Yelling, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous, Zone
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What do you know about Poker?
1. What is a poker hand?
It contains five cards. A higher rank beats a lower rank. Categories include: a Royal Flush, A straight Flush, Four of a Kind, a Full House, A Flush, a Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, a Pair, and a High Card.
2. Name a few kinds/types of Poker games. A Limit Hold-em, a No-Limit Hold-em, a Mixed Hold-em, Deuce-to-seven low ball, Seven-Card Stud, H.O.R.S.E, S.H.O.E, Pot-limit Omaha, Seven-card Razz, Seven-card Stud, Texas Hold-em, No limit Texas hold-em, Omaha,
3. In the 2006 World Series of Poker, who were some of the men and women to watch? Doyle Brunson, Ellen Cunningham, Annie Duke, Jamie Gold, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Howard Lederer, Kathy Liebert, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel
4. What is the significance of the �bracelet?� It is jewelry awarded to the champion in the main event of the World Series of Poker.
5. What do the initials H.O.R.S.E. stand for? H=old-em, O=maha, R=azz, S=tud, E=ight or better, high-low split

Poker expressions:
Big, rich showdown
Cards can turn
Counting cards
Hole-card camera
�The nuts�
Shoot the moon

Poker Winners include:
2000 Chris Ferguson
2001 Carlos Mortensen
2002 Robert Varkonyi
2003 Chris Moneymaker
2004 Greg Raymer
2005 Joe Hachem
2006 Jamie Gold
2007 Jerry Yang
2008 Peter Eastgate

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