Pilgrims Vocabulary Word List (89)

A)Anxiety, Atlantic, Attempt, Autumn
B)Belief, Boys, Bread, Breeches
C)Cap, Challenges, Coat, Cold, Colonist, Concern, Conditions, Congregation, Corn, Crossing
D)Danger, Death, Defense, Difficulties, Disease, Distance, Doublet
E)Endurance, Exhaustion, Expectations
F)Failure, Faith, Feat, Food, Frontier
G)Garters, Girls, God, Graves
H)Harvest, Hope, Hunting
I)Identity, Illness
M)Massachusetts, Mayflower, Miserable
N)North America, Numbers
O)Oatmeal, Observe
P)Palisade, Parson, Petticoat, Planting, Plymouth, Porridge, Prayers, Preparation, Puritans
R)Region, Religion, Rifle, Rustic
S)Safety, Scarcity, Seeds, Separatists, Settlement, Settlers, Shellfish, Ship, Shoals, Sickness, Spiritual, Starvation, Success, Suffering, Survival
T)Thanksgiving, Thatch, Travel, Trip
W)Wampanoag Native Americans, Wander, Water, Winter, Worry, Worship
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