Phobias Vocabulary Word List (142)

A)Affect, Agonize, Answers, Anti-anxiety, Anxiety, Attack, Aversion, Avoid
B)Basis, Belief, Biology
C)Care, Cause, Challenge, Childhood, Chronic, Circumstance, Clammy, Cold, Compulsion, Concern, Conditions, Confront, Conscious, Counseling, Crippled, Cure
D)Deal with, Debilitating, Depth, Difficult, Discomfort, Dislike, Disorder, Distraction, Doctor, Drugs, Dwell
E)Effect, Emotion, Enclosed spaces, Exhaustion, Experience, Experience
F)Faint, Family, Fear, Feeling, Flying, Focus, Frantic, Fret
G)Gene, Germs, Get rid of, Global
H)Harrowing, Hatred, Heartbreaking, Heights, Help, High-wire, History, Human
I)Ilk, Inherit, Insincere, Intent, Irrational
M)Medication, Mind, Morbid fear
N)Need, Negative, Neurosis, Neurotic
O)Odd, Onslaught, Orientation, Outbreak, Overcome
P)Palliative, Panic, Personal, Personality, Perspective, Perspiration, Philosophy, Planes, Psychological
Q)Quake, Question, Quiver
R)Reaction, Real, Religion, Restless, Reveal, Revelation
S)Seclusion, Seek, Select, Sensation, Sensitive, Sensitivity, Shed, Sickness, Snakes, Social, Spirit, Stricken, Sudden, Suffer, Superstition, Support, Suppress, Sweating, Symptom
T)Terrify, Terror, Therapy, Tolerate, Trait, Treatment, Treatment, Tremble, Trigger, Type
U)Uneasy, Unique, Unprecedented, Unusual, Upend
W)Water, Weird, Why, Worry, Worry wart
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Some common phobias in a word list:
acrophobia, agoraphobia, bathing, being trapped, claustrophobia, cemeteries, dark, dentists, doctors, dogs, clocks, fire, flying, germs, heights, hospitals, itching, injections, leaving home, reptiles, snakes, spiders, washing offers more than 640 word lists. To see more Health and Wellness word lists, vocabulary word lists, go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads, registration or fees.