Philanthropy Vocabulary Word List (185)

A)Accessible, Accounting, Adults, Adviser, Advocate, Affiliation, Agency, Allocation, Annual report, Annuity, Appreciation, Appropriate, Arrangement, Assessment, Assets, Autonomous
B)Belief, Beneficiary, Bequest, Board, Buy
C)Capacity, Cash, Cause, Challenge, Change, Charitable, Charity, Children, Coalition, Committee, Community, Component, Contacts, Contingency, Contribution, Coverage
D)Deed, Demonstration, Disclosure, Discretionary, Diverse, Documents, Domestic bonds, Donate, Donors
E)Efforts, Eligible, Endowment, Energy, Ensure, Establish, Evaluation, Exempt, Expenses, Expertise
F)Fairness, Finance, Firm, Fluctuation, Foreign bonds, Foster, Foundation, Fund-raising, Funds
G)Generosity, Generous, Gift, Giving, Global, Goal, Good things, Governance, Grant, Grant maker, Group, Growth
H)Helping, History, Honesty, Honored, Hours, Humanity
I)Implementation, In-kind, Income, Independence, Individual, Inflation, Information, Institutions, Investments, Involvement
L)Leadership, Legality, Local, Long-term
M)Manage, Management, Matching, Maturity, Men, Mission, Money, Money. tax-exempt, Monitoring
N)Need, Networking, Non-profit, Numbers
O)Objective, Operation, Organization, Outstanding
P)People, Percentage, Performance, Perpetuity, Planning, Pool, Positive, Private, Professional, Profit, Program, Proposal, Public, Publication, Purpose
R)Rates, Real estate, Recipient, Recognition, Regional, Resources, Responsibility, Responsive
S)Scale, Scholarships, Sector, Sell, Service, Sharing, Shelter, Source, Sponsor, Staff, Stakeholder, State, Stewardship, Stipulations, Stocks, Strategy, Subscribe, Subsidize, Sums, Support
T)Tax return, Time, Time frame, Tireless, Tradition, Training, Transfer, Transparency, Trust, Trusts
U)Understanding, Undertake, Unrestricted, Unsung
V)Value, Various, Voice, Volunteer
W)Welfare, Well-being, Women, Worthwhile, Worthy
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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