Parades Vocabulary Word List (150)

A)Acts, Adorn, Adult, Animals, Announcement, Announcer, Antique cars, Applause, Audience, Automobiles, Aware
B)Balloons, Bands, Banners, Baton, Bells, Bicycles, Bikes, Boys, Bystander
C)Cacophony, Cars, Celebration, Cheering, Children, Children, Circus, City, Clowns, Color, Commemoration, Community, Confetti, Control, Convertibles, Costumes, Crepe-paper, Crowd control, Crowds
D)Dance, Dancing, Decorations, Designs, Detour, Dignitaries, Dragon dance, Drums, Duration
E)Emcee, Equipment, Event, Expect
F)Fancy, Fire engines, Flags, Flatbed truck, Float, Flowers, Formation
G)Gathering, Girls, Give-away, Glitter, Goodies
H)Historically, Holiday, Honor, Hook and ladder, Horses, Host
J)Jolly, Joy
K)Kids, King
L)Length, Local, Locality, Loud-speaker, Loyalty
M)Magic, Majorettes, Marching, Mardi Gras, Master of ceremony, Merchants, Military, Motor vehicles, Music
N)National, Neighborhood, Numbers
O)Observance, Observing, Occasion, Official, Organization, Organizer
P)Pace, Parades, Participants, Photography, Pictures, Pinwheels, Platform, Police, Popularity, Preparations, Procession, Protocol, Public
R)Railing, Receptive, Road, Rose Bowl, Route
S)Scouts, Seating, See, Sequins, Show, Skirt, Smiles, Soldiers, Sound system, Special, Spectacle, Spectacular, Spectators, St. Patrick\'s Day, Streamer
T)Television, Thanksgiving Day parade, Theme, Throne, Timing, Towed, Town, Traditional, Trombones, Troops
U)Unexpected, Unofficial
V)Vehicles, Volunteers
W)Wagon, Watching, Weight
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