Oregon Trail Vocabulary Word List (126)

A)Accidents, Adults, Adventure, Aspiration, Attack, Attract
B)Belongings, Branch off, Bravery, Break, Buffalo
C)Century, Children, Cholera, Chores, Clothing, Contamination, Continent, Courage, Covered wagon, Crossing
D)Daily, Dangerous, Desert, Destinations, Dirt, Disease, Drama, Dream, Dust, Dysentery
E)Emigration, Endurance, Eventful, Expansion, Experience, Explore
F)Family, Fear, Fighting, Fire, Floods, Food, Footsteps, Fort Kearny, Fort Laramie, Forts, Fright, Fur trader
G)Gold, Graves, Guide, Gun, Gunshot
H)Hardship, Heat, Historian, History, Horseback, Horses
I)Independence, Indians, Information, Interpret
J)Job, Journey
K)Kids, Killing
L)Lesson, Life, Location
M)Map, Massacre, Memorable, Migration, Miles, Mountains
O)On foot, Overland, Oxen
P)Path, Perish, Pioneer, Platt River, Prairie, Promises
R)Railroad, Reach, River, Ruts
S)Scarcity, Search, Separation, Settler, Severe, Sick, Sign, Simplicity, Southwest, Strength, Survey, Survival
T)Temperature, Test, Thousands, Time, Toil, Trading, Trail, Transcontinental, Travel, Trial, Tribulations
W)Wagon, Walking, Wash, Washtub, Water, Way, West, Westward, Wheel, Wood
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