Orchids Vocabulary Word List (169)

A)Aerial, Air, Air flow, Ambiance, American Orchid Society, Anchored, Appearance, Aromatherapy
B)Baking, Beauty, Best-selling, Blooms, Botanical, Brands, Business
C)Care, Cattleya, Challenge, Classification, Clubs, Coax, Collector, Colorful, Colorful, Commodity, Common, Concentration, Conservation, Cosmopolitan, Cost, Cross-pollination, Crossbreed, Cultivation
D)Decor, Decoration, Design, Disease, Distinguished, Distribution, Diverse
E)Elegance, Enjoyment, Environment, Epiphytes, Evolution
F)Families, Fertilization, Flora, Flowering, Food, Fragrance
G)Garden, Genera, Germination, Gift, Glamor, Global, Green, Greenhouse, Growing
H)Habitat, Hobby, Horticulture, Humidity, Hunt, Hybrids
I)Identification, Indoor, Industry, Information, Insects, Intricate
L)Labellum, Leaves, Light, Lindley, Lists, Location, Longevity, Love, Lovely, Lucrative
M)Market, Medicine, Moisture, Monocot, Moss
N)Names, Native, Natural, Nature, Numerous, Nutrients
O)Office, Orchidologist, Order, Organizations, Ornamental, Outdoor, Overseas
P)Packing, Pastel, Perennial, Perfume, Pests, Petal, Phalaenopsis, Photosynthesis, Pigment, Pink, Plant, Pollination, Popularity, Potted, Prestige, Price, Prize, Production, Profit, Propagation, Purple
Q)Quality, Quantity
R)Rainforest, Rare, Region, Remedy, Retailer, Rhizome, Roots
S)Sales, Season, Seeds, Shade, Shape, Sheath, Shipments, Shoots, Showy, Single, Site, Sorts, Specialized, Species, Spotless, Stem, Subtropic, Sunlight
T)Temperate, Temperature, Thrive, Timing, Tropics, Types
U)Unique, Unusual, Unusual
V)Varieties, Veins, Vendor
W)Watering, Waxy, White, Wholesale, Widespread, Wondrous
The International Orchid Register adds between 3000-4000 new hybrids every year. The most popular hybrids are:
Phalaenopsis = 31,382
Paphiopedilum = 23,871
Cymbidium = 14,688
There are approximately 5,600 species involved in hybridization.
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