Old-Fashioned words Vocabulary Word List (98)

A)A beehive hairdo, A D.A haircut, A domino theory, A pageboy, A-way we go
B)Barn stormer, Bean counter, Bib and tucker, Bigger than a bread box, Bloomers, Bone corset, Brownie camera, Button-hook
C)Candy cigarettes, Carbon copy, Church key, Civil Defense, Cut a rug
D)Dance marathon, Davenport, Dime store, Do not be a pill, Do not touch that dial
E)Edsel, Ethyl
F)Fedoras, Fly right, Funny papers
G)Gee willikers
H)Have some moxie, Heaven to Betsy, Heavens to Murgatroyd, Hey Kemo Sabe, Holy moley, Hot rod, Hubba-hubba, Hula hoops, Hung out to dry
I)I will be a monkeys uncle, Ice box, In like Flynn, India rubber, Ink well
J)Jalopy, Juke joint, Jumping Jehoshaphat
K)Kilroy was here, Knee high to a grasshopper, Knickers, Knucklehead
L)Life is swell, Live the life of Riley, Lovers lane
M)Mickey Mouse wrist watches
N)Neck, Nincompoop, Not for all the tea in China
O)Oh - fiddlesticks, Oh my aching back, Oh my stars, Organ grinders monkey
P)Page boy, Passion pit, Peddle pushers, Penny farthing, Pet, Pitch woo, Poodle skirts, Pshaw
R)Ring around the rosy, Rumble seat
S)Saddle shoes, See you later alligator, Shine a light on, Skate keys, Smooch, Soda jerk, Spats, Spoon, Straighten up, Straw boater
T)The Iron Curtain, Think about the starving Chinese, This is a fine kettle of fish, This is fail safe, Tin Lizzie
U)Union Suit
W)Watch fob, Well, Who was that masked man, Why
Y)You are a regular guy, You are knee high to a grasshopper, You dodged a silver bullet, You have cooties, You sound like a broken record
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