Oceans, Marine Vocabulary Word List (306)

A)Absorb, Abundance, Abyssal plain, Accelerate, Adaptation, Affect, Aground, Algae, Anchor, Animals, Aphotic, Aquanaut, Aquatic, Arctic, Arctic ocean, Argosy, Assess, Atlantic, Atmosphere, Atoll
B)Bacteria, Balance, Bar, Barge, Barrier reef, Basalt, Basin, Bathyscaphe, Bathysphere, Bays, Beach, Bends, Beneath, Benthos, Birds, Bivalves, Boatyard, Body of water, Bottom, Bounty, Breakers, Breaking, Breakwater, Brine, Buoy
C)Changing, Cliff, Climate, Coastline, Collide, Commerce, Communication, Community, Conch, Conquest, Contamination, Continent, Continental crust, Continental shelf, Coral, Creature, Crustacean, Current, Cycle
D)Data, Deep, Delicate, Deposit, Depth, Desalt, Destructive, Discovery, Dissolve, Distance, Diversity, Diving, Dock, Documentation, Domain, Dredge, Drift, Dumping ground, Dunes, Dwell, Dynamic
E)Echinoderm, Ecosystem, Effect, Elements, Endangered, Energy, Erosion, Estuary, Excursion, Exploration
F)Facilities, Features, Feeding, Fertilizer, Fishing, Fjord, Float, Florescence, Flourish, Fluctuation, Fluid, Food chain, Force
G)Giant, Global warming, Globe, Gravitational pull, Gravity, Gulf, Guyot, Gyre
H)Habitat, Hadal, Harness, Heave, Hemisphere, Host, Houseboat, Hurricane
I)Iceberg, Imperiled, Incoming, Indian, Industry, Influences, Inquiry, Interaction, Interdependence, Invasive, Invertebrate, Islands
K)Kelp, Kinetic, Knot, Krill
L)Lagoon, Land, Lap, Larvae, Layers, Level, Leviathan, Life, Light, Lightening, Limit, Liquid, Living
M)Magma, Majesty, Mangrove, Mapping, Marine, Maritime, Marsh, Mid-ocean, Migration, Mix, Mollusk, Momentum, Monitor, Motion, Movement, Murky
N)Naturalist, Nautical, Navigation, Neap tide, Nekton, Numbers, Nutrient
O)Ocean, Oceanic, Oceanography, Offshore, Oozes, Operation, Organism, Outgoing, Overfishing, Oxygen
P)Pacific, Pattern, Peaceful, Pearl, Pelagic, Phenomena, Phytoplankton, Planet, Plankton, Plants, Plate tectonics, Pollutant, Pound, Predator, Prediction, Pressure, Prey, Production, Products, Protection, Purify
Q)Quantity, Quest
R)Realm, Recreation, Recreation, Reef, Renewal, Research, Reserves, Resource, Restoration, Rhythm, Ria, Ridges, Riptide, River rat
S)Safety, Sailing, Salinity, Salty, Sand, Science, Scientist, Scuba, Sea, Sea creature, Sea floor, Seascape, Seasonal, Seawater, Seaweed, Secrets, Sediment, Seismic, Sextant, Shallow, Shells, Shelter, Ship-to-shore, Ships, Shoreline, Skeleton, Slope, Sonar, Sound, Species, Sponge, Squid, Storms, Strength, Submarine, Submerge, Supply, Surface, Surfing, Surge, Survival, Swell
T)Technology, Teeming, Temperature, Terrace, Thrive, Tidal wave, Tide, Transportation, Trench, Trough, Tsunami, Turbulence
U)Ubiquitous, Undertow, Underwater, Unique, Universal, Unlimited, Upwelling
V)Valley, Vapor, Variation, Vast, Velocity, Volcano, Volt
W)Warm, Wash up, Water, Watery, Waves, Weather, Whaling, Wind
Y)Yacht, Yawl
Z)Zigzag, Zone, Zooplankton
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Oceans and Marine Lesson Plan and discussion ideas from
1. How do reefs form?
2. In what ways do scientists try to continue/repair our oceans and their resources?
3. Discuss and give details about the differences between the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans
4. Study life forms such as plankton, nekton, benthos and the food cycle in oceans
5. List at last eight benefits of the ocean and give explanations for your choices
6. Research early explorers and explorations
7. What effects does the ocean have on climate?
8. Give many reasons why the ocean is such a valuable resource
Remember, the surface of the Earth is about 70% covered by oceans.
There is still much to learn, and these six excellent "Ocean-related" links are invaluable resources:

  • 1 - NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • 2 - National Geographic
  • 3 - American Museum of Natural History
  • 4 - Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois
  • 5 - Monterey Bay Aquarium: Animals plus...
  • 6 - Science Kids by Rene Smith in New Zealand

  • Are you aware of the meaning of the phrase, between the devil and the deep blue sea?
    Etymologists suppose that the expression originated from an an Italian translation of the poet Homer, a Greek. Homer wrote that Odysseus traversed a turbulent area between Charybdis and Scylla. Today, as a term referring to both land and water, it actually means that there is no really good alternative, a Catch-22 situation. (Source unknown)

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