Obesity Vocabulary Word List (273)

A)Accumulate, Activity, Adults, Affect, Ailing, Ailment, Alert, Alteration, Appetite, Approach, Assist, Attempt, Attitude, Average, Avoid
B)Balance, Behavior, Biking, Blood pressure, Body, Bones, Breath, Breathe
C)Calories, Can do, Cardiovascular, Care, Caring, Change, Choices, Clumsy, Coach, Collapse, Condition, Consult, Consultation, Contract, Control, Coordination, Courage, Courage, Curb, Cutback
D)Danger, Decision, Decrease, Denial, Denial, Dependence, Determination, Determine, Diabetes, Diet, Diet, Dietitian, Disease, Doctor, Downhill
E)Effect, Endure, Energy, Esteem, Excess. excessive, Exercise, Expert opinion
F)Falling, Fat, Fewer, Firm, Food, Framework, Function
G)Gain, Genes, Goal, Goal, Government, Gradual, Grip, Guide, Guideline, Gymnasium
H)Health, Heart, Heavy, Help, Help, Heredity, Hope, Hormones, Hunger, Hydrate
I)Imagination, Importance, Improvement, Inability, Inactive, Independent, Individual, Indulge, Indulgence, Inherit, Injury, Intense
J)Jeer, Job, Joules, Judge, Judgment, Junk food
L)Lacking, Lose, Losing, Loss, Lumbar
M)Manage, Margin, Maximize, Measure, Medical, Medication, Metabolic, Minimize, Mirror, Moderation, Monitor, Motivate, Motivation, Movement, Muscles
N)Nemesis, New, Normal, Nutrients, Nutrition
O)Obese, Objective, Offensive, Opinion, Opportunity, Opt in, Options, Over eat, Over weight
P)Participate, Percentage, Perception, Performance, Perspiration, Pessimism, Physical, Plan, Planning, Portion, Possess, Potent, Potential, Practice, Preserve, Prevent, Problems, Professional, Program, Progress, Promising, Proper, Proportional, Protect, Psychological
Q)Quality, Quantities
R)Reasonable, Rebound, Recognize, Recommend, Recommendations, Recover, Reduce, Regulate, Rejection, Represent, Reserve, Resist, Restrict, Restriction, Risk, Risks, Role model
S)Safety, Salt, Satiety, Satisfaction, Scare, Schedule, Scientist, Sedentary, Self, Sensible, Shape up, Shot, Show, Size, Slide, Slow, Snacking, Speculate, Spirit, Sports, Stable, Stamina, Statistics, Statistics, Steady, Strategy, Strength, Stretching, Stride, Strong, Structure, Stuff, Success, Sugar, Support, Surgery, Surplus, Sweat, Symptoms
T)Tackle, Teens, Test, Time, Timing, Train, Trainer, Training, Trait, Transformation, Trial, Try, Turnover
U)Unbelievable, Unfit, Unhealthy, Unkind, Unrestricted, Unusual, Usual
V)Vegetables, Victory, Vigorous, Violate
W)Watch, Watchful, Weigh in, Weight, Well-balanced, Will, Will power, Win, Wisdom, Wise, Withhold, Work, Workout, Worry
Y)Youth, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zest
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