Nutrition Month - March Vocabulary Word List (166)

A)Addictive, Additives, Alcohol, Aliment, All-purpose, Ambrosia, Antipasto, Appearance, Appetite, Appetizer, Aroma, Aspartame, Assimilate
B)Balance, Batch, Behavior, Benefit, Bitter, Bouquet, Brine
C)Calcium, Calories, Carbohydrate, Cereals, Chef, Choices, Circulation, Comestible, Concentrate, Condiments, Consumption, Cordon bleu, Crisp, Cuisine, Culinary, Curative
D)Decadent, Delicatessen, Diet, Dietary, Digestion, Discipline, Distraction, Diverse, Drinking, Drugs
E)Edamame, Edible, Efficacy, Energy, Enhance, Exemplary, Extract
F)Ferment, Fermentation, Fine foods, Flavor, Fragrant
G)Garnish, Gastronomy, Genuine, Gourmet, Grains, Growth, Gulp
H)Habit, Health, Healthy, Herbs, Homemade, Hum-drum, Hungry, Hygiene, Hygienic
I)Improvement, Ingest, Ingredient, Inhale, Integrate, Iron
J)Jargon, Judge
L)Lifestyle, Liquids, Lo-cal
M)Marinade, Masticate, Maximize, Measure, Menu, Mixture, M´┐Żlange, Moisture, Monitor, Motivate
N)Nurture, Nutrient, Nutrition
O)Obesity, Odoriferous, Olfactory, Opportunity, Opt, Organic, Overeat, Overweight
P)Package, Panache, Portion, Potassium, Potent, Preparation, Presentation, Preservatives, Prevention, Pungent, Purveyor
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quick
R)Regimen, Replete
S)Sanitary, Satiate, Sauce, Seasonings, Sieve, Sizzle, Smorgasbord, Snack, Sommelier, Soy, Spices, Spicy, Staple, Starve, Starving, Strategy, Succulent, Supplements, Sustenance
T)Tangy, Tannin, Toxin, Transformation, Translucent
U)Unbelievable, Unflavored, Unhealthy, Unrestricted, Unusual
V)Variation, Vegan, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Viand, Victuals, Vitamin
W)Water, Weigh, Weight, Whole-grain
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Nutrition DATES
Mar. 1, National Nutrition Month
Apr. 10, National Women's Nutrition Week
May 1, National Fitness, Physical and Sports Month
Oct. 1, Nutrition: Eat Better, Eat Together Month
May, National BBQ Month and National Hamburger Month

Nutrition Lesson Plan ideas:
1. Discuss food groups/diet and how they affect behavior
2. What are some of the consequences of drugs, alcohol or tobacco to one's health?
3. Give examples of ways that families, peers, colleagues and friends help one's mental health
4. What kinds of things can be done to reduce stress? (Deep breaths, walking, eat wisely, exercise)

5. Discuss behavior that affects eating habits (Boredom, environment, family, friends, hunger, labels, packaging, popularity of items, shape of item, size of plates, smells)
6. List suggestions that encourage "good" eating habits... (Don't snack between meals,
Eat at a normal/regular time of the day,
Sit down, don't stand,
Use a plate/not containers for meals,
Drink plenty of water before you begin a meal/to eat,
Chew thoroughly before swallowing etc.)

Nutrition word list for elementary schools (4th & 5th) = vocabulary word list of 112 worda
A: aroma, arrangement,
B: batch, bitter, brine,
C: calcium, calories, capers, carbohydrate, cereals, classic, combination, condiments, consumption, crisp, crumble, crusty, cuisine, culinary,
D: deli, diet, discipline, diverse, dough,
E: edible, enjoyment, ethnic, exemplary,
F: ferment, fermentation, flavor, fragrant,
G: garnish, genuine, gobble, grains, growth,
H: habit, harvest, health, healthy, herbs, homemade, hors d'oeuvres, hum-drum, hungry, hygiene, hygienic,
I: improvement, ingredient, intoxicating, iron,
J: juice, judge,
K: kosher,
L: layers, lifestyle, liquids,
M: maximize, measure, melange, mixture, moisture, mouthwatering,
N: nutty, nutrition,
O: odor, opportunity, opt, organic, overweight, P: pasta, portion, potent, preservatives, prevention, pucker, pungent,
Q: quality, quick,
R: regimen,
S: sanitary, sauce, seasonings, sieve, simmer, sizzle, smorgasbord, smothered, spices, spicy, staple, starve, starving, succulent, supplements, sushi,
T: tangy, transformation,
U: unflavored, unhealthy, unusual, unbelievable, unrestricted,
V: variation, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian, vitamins,
W: weigh, whole-grain,
X: ,
Y: yeast,
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