Music & Fine Arts Vocabulary Word List (373)

A)A cappella, Abrasive, Accidental, Accompaniment, Accordion, Acoustics, Adaptation, Alto, Amateur, Amplification, Applause, Appreciation, Approval, Aria, Array, Artist, Artistic, Assemble, Assurance, Atmosphere, Audience, Audition, Auditory, Awe
B)Baby grand, Ballet, Band, Barbershop quartet, Baroque, Bass, Baton, Beat, Bells, Bewitched, Bluegrass, Boisterous, Brass, Bravado, Broadcast, Brushwork, Brusque
C)Cadence, Calypso, Can-can, Canon, Cantata, Canvas, Chamber music, Chanting, Charleston, Chime, Choir, Choral, Chord, Chord, Chorus, Christmas carols, Clapping, Classic, Classical, Clef, Collaboration, Collection, Commanding, Commentary, Communication, Complement, Compose, Composer, Composition, Concert, Concertina, Concertina, Concertmaster, Concerto, Conservatory, Console, Continuous, Contribution, Conviction, Cor, Counterpoint, Creative, Crescendo, Critic, Crowd-pleasing, Culture
D)Damper, Dance, Debut, Dedication, Delivery, Depth, Development, Diffuse, Digital, Dignity, Digression, Display, Dissonant, Diverse, Diversification, Diversity, Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do, Dominant, Download, Dramatic, Duet, Duo, Duplication, Duration, Dynamic
E)Ear, Education, Elaboration, Electronic, Element, Eloquence, Eloquent, Emission, Encore, Enjoyment, Enlightened, Ensemble, Entertainment, Etude, Execution, Experience, Expression, Exquisitely, Extraordinary
F)Fa-la-la, Facade, Facets, Falsetto, Fandango, Fanfare, Fantasia, Fantasy, Finale, Flair, Flat, Flourish, Focus, Folk music, Foxtrot, Fragment, Free form, Frenzied, Fret, Fugue, Full-blown
G)Gauge, Generate, Genius, Glare, Gospel
H)Half step, Harmony, Hearing, Heritage, Hiatus, Highlight, Humanities, Hymn
I)Illumination, Imagery, Imitation, Impromptu, Infusion, Innovate, Inspiration, Instrumental, Intensity, Interpretation, Ipod
J)Jazz, Jingle, Judge, Juxtaposition
K)Key, Keyboard
L)Landscape, Libretto, Light opera, Listening, Literary, Loudness, Lullaby, Luminous, Lyrical
M)Macarena, Madrigal, Magnify, Major, March, Masterpiece, Masterwork, Matinee, Measure, Medium, Melody, Memorable, Mezzo-soprano, Minor, Minstrel, Modern medium, Modulate, Momentum, Motive, Movement, Musician
N)Natural, Notation, Note, Nuance, Numbers
O)Octave, Ode, Official, On-stage, Opera, Oratorio, Orchestra, Orchestral, Organ, Organist, Outburst, Ovation, Overtones, Overture
P)Passage, Patterns, Pedal, Perception, Percussion, Performance, Persistence, Phrase, Piano, Pinnacle, Pitch, Playback, Playing, Pluck, Poetry, Polyphonic, Popular, Portrayal, Practice, Preference, Prelude, Premiere, Presence, Prodigy, Professional, Prolific, Promote, Promotion, Publish
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quartet, Quaver, Quintessential, Quintet
R)Range, Rap, Recitation, Recognition, Records, Refrain, Rehearsal, Religious, Represent, Resonance, Rest, Restraint, Rhythm, Rock, Rousing
S)Scale, Scherzo, Score, Sculpture, Secular, Serenade, Sextet, Sharp, Sheet music, Signature, Singing, Smooth, Softness, Solemn, Solo, Soloist, Sonata, Song, Sonnet, Soprano, Sounds, Spiritual, Spontaneity, Spotlight, Staccato, Staff, Stage-craft, Stem, Stereophonic, Stop, String, Strings, Strobe, Studio, Style, Stylized, Sublime, Successful, Suite, Surge, Symmetry, Symphony, Syncopation
T)Talent, Technique, Tempo, Tenor, Texture, Theme, Thunderous, Timbre, Time value, Tone, Tour, Traditional, Training, Transformation, Treatment, Treble, Trill, Trio, Troubadour, Troupe, Tunes
U)Undemonstrative, Understanding, Uneventful, Unique, Upright
V)Variation, Veer, Version, Vibrant, Vibrations, Vibrato, Violin, Visibility, Vocal, Voice, Volatile
W)Warmth, Whirlwind, Whole step, Woodwinds, Written score
Y)Youth, Youthful
Z)Zeal, Zip, Zither
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Accordion, Bagpipe, banjo, brass, bassoon, bugle, calliope, carillon, castanets, clarinet, clavier, cello, cornet, cymbal, double bass, drums, fiddle, fife, flute, glockenspiel, gong, guitar, harmonica, harp, horn, kettledrum, lute, lyre, mandolin, piano, oboe, piano, piccolo, recorder, reed, saxophone, sitar, snare, tambourine, timpani, triangle, trombone, trumpet, tuba, ukulele, violin, xylophone, zither
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Music Lesson Plans and discussion questions:
1.Composers come from many countries. Choose from American, Austrian, British, French, German, Italian or Russian composers and write about the composer and his/her music. In your presentation, include examples of their work.
2. Discuss the variety of music instruments. Pick one or two as your favorite(s). Why did you pick him/her/them? (Did you use the list above to help you select your choice?)
Illustrate your choice and have classmates hear music from that instrument.
3. Vocal music includes many types of singing. Give examples in written and oral presentations. What specific people have made this type of music popular?

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