Muffuletta Vocabulary Word List (82)

A)Antipasti, Appetite
B)Baked, Baker, Best, Bon appetit, Bread
C)Capicola, Central Grocery, Cheese, Classic, Cold cuts, Condiments, Consistency, Cost, Crispy, Crust, Cured meat
D)Delicious, Delis, Dough
F)Flattened loaf, Food, French Market, French Quarter, Fresh bread, Full-sized
H)Half, Ham, Heritage, High-quality, Horizontally
I)Ingredients, Italian
L)Large, Layers, Loaf, Louisiana
M)Marinated, Minced garlic, Mortadella
N)New Orleans
O)Olive salad, Olives, Original, Origins
P)Pepperoni, Pool halls, Popular, Price, Progress Grocery, Provolone
Q)Quality, Quarter, Quintessential
R)Recipe, Regional
S)Salami, Salvatore Lupo, Sandwich, Seafood, Seasonings, Servings, Sesame-seed, Sicilian, Sizes, Split, Sugar, Swiss cheese
T)Tasty, Topping, Traditional, Type
U)Unique, Unlike, Unrefined
W)Worthwhile, Wrapped
Y)Yeast. salt, Yummy
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