Monoliths and Easter Island Vocabulary Word List (110)

A)Age, Ancestor, Ancient, Archeology, Arrangement, Assemble, Astonish, Austere, Authentic
B)Baffling, Basalt, Bizarre, Bust
C)Careful, Caution, Construct, Convincing, Creature
D)Date, Decay, Descendant, Discovery
E)Eerie, Erect, Explanation, Exposure, Extinct, Eyeless
F)Feat, Form
G)Giant, Gigantic, Guard
H)Haphazard, Height, Herculean, Heritage, Human form
I)Importance, Inhabitant, Inquiry, Inspiring, Interest, Intrigue, Island
L)Large, Lava, Lichen, Location, Lure
M)Maori, Masonry, Massive, Measurement, Moai monolithic, Mystery, Mystique, Mythology
N)Native, Natural, Notice, Number, Numerous
O)Origin, Original
P)Pacific, People, Placement, Prayer, Preservation, Protection, Puzzle
Q)Quarry, Query, Quest, Question, Quiet
R)Realistic, Research
S)Scientist, Sculpt, Sculptor, Searching, Site, South Pacific, Spiritual, Statue, Stone, Strange, Study, Supposition
T)Terrain, Theory, Ton, Tourist, Treatment
U)Unique, Unusual
V)Vanish, Visitor, Volcano
W)Warrant, Weathered, Weight, Wisdom, Worldwide
Y)Yearn, Years
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Easter Island and monoliths HIGHLIGHTS:

Number of statues: 887
Measurement: 32 feet
Weight: 82 tons
Discovery: Dutch Admiral, Jacob Roggeveen
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