Money terms commonly used Vocabulary Word List (216)

A)Account, Accounting, Accrue, Accumulate, Advance, Asset, Assist, Authorization, Automated, Average
B)Balance, Balloon payment, Bank, Bankrupt, Barter, Bear market, Bearer, Beneficiary, Bills, Bonds, Borrow, Broker, Bull market, Buy
C)Calculate, Capital, Cashier, Changes, Checking account, Checks, Circulate, Coin, Collateral, Collect, Compensate, Compound, Consumer, Convert, Correct, Cost, Counter, Counterfeit, Countersign, Crash, Credit, Currency
D)Debit, Debt, Deduct, Delinquent, Demand, Denomination, Deposit, Discount, Diversify, Dividend, Dow Jones Average, Due, Duty
E)Earnings, Economy, Electronic, Embezzle, Endorse, Equity, Estimate, Evaluate, Exceed, Excise, Exempt, Expectation, Expenses
F)Federal, Fees, Fiduciary, Figures, Finance, Financing, Fiscal, Foreclosure, Forgery, Fortune, Frugal, Funds
G)Gold, Government, Growth, Guarantee
H)Hiring, Hologram
I)Identification, Illegal, Imprint, Income, Inflation, Inheritance, Insider information, Insolvent, Installment, Insufficient, Interest, Interest, Interest-bearing, Investment, IOU, IRA
J)Joint account
K)Keogh plan, Kiting
L)Lend, Lending rate, Liability, Liberty Bonds, Lien, Liquidity, Loan, Long-term, Low risk
M)Maintain, Margin, Market, Money, Money laundering, Monopoly, Municipal bonds, Mutual funds
N)Negotiable, Net worth, Note, Numismatist, NYSE
O)Obligation, Obverse, Officer, Online, OTC (over the counter), Oversight, Ownership
P)Payment, Percent, Planning, Points, Portfolio, Practice, Preferred stock, Premium, Prepayment penalty, Principal, Product, Profit, Promissory note
Q)Qualms, Quantity
R)Rate, Receipt, Recession, Records, Recourse, Redeem, Reduction, Regulations, Regulations, Reimburse, Reliability, Reserve, Retirement, Risks
S)Safety deposit box, Savings, Securities, Select, Sell, Shares, Shylock, Slump, Solvent, Speculate, Speculative, Split, Statement, Stock split, Stocks, Summary
T)Takeover, Tax shelter, Tax year, Tax-exempt bond, Taxes, Ticker tape, Trade, Transactions, Transfer, Treasury bill, Trends
U)Uncollected, Underwrite, Unofficial, Unregulated, Unsecured, Untaxed, Usury, Utilities
V)Valuable, Value, Value, Vault, Venture, Void, Voucher
W)Wage, Watermark, Wide-ranging, Withdrawal
Z)Zero-coupon bond
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