Model T: Ford automobile Vocabulary Word List (125)

A)Accelerator, Accident, Acetylene, Affordability, Alternative, Amazing, Antique, Assembly, Attempt, Automaker, Automobile, Awe
B)Balky, Battery, Black
C)Capacity, Caution, Classic, Color, Column, Comfort, Cost, Crank, Crash, Creativity, Customer
D)Dangerous, Dearborn, Design, Detroit, Development, Dirt, Discomfort, Distance, Dream, Driving, Dust
E)Electric starter, Elegance, Engineering, Expense
F)Factory, Failure, Faulty, First, Ford, Frame, Fuel, Fumes
G)Gas, Gear
H)Hazard, Headlamps, Headquarters, Henry Ford, Historical, Horsepower, Horses
I)Illuminate, Industry, Inexpensive, Influence, Innovation, Interior, Invention
J)Jarring, Jaunt, Jolt
K)Kicks back
L)Levers, Loud
M)Machine, Manufacture, Marvel, Mass-produced, Masses, Michigan, Mobility, Model T, Motor, Motorist, Movement
N)Narrow, Noisy
P)Parts, Pioneer, Pleasure, Practice, Production, Production, Purchase
Q)Quest, Quirk
R)Relic, Replacement, Research, Response, Restoration, Reverse, Ride, Road, Roll
S)Safety, Shaking, Shudder, Speed, Steering, Success
T)Tires, Transportation, Travel, Trip
U)Uneven, Unusual
V)Vehicle, Vibration, Vision, Visionary
W)Wealth, Wheel, Windshield, Workmen, World
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Model T: Ford automobile Facts: Do you know...?
Colors of Model T's included red, green,navy and black.
The colors were all so dark that all of them appeared to be black.
A Model T could travel at approximately 35 mph.
An electric starter replaced the hand crack in 1919.
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