Mining Vocabulary Word List (233)

A)Abutment, Agent, Amendment, Analysis, Angle, Anthracite, Anticline, Apparatus, Arch, Ash, Atmosphere, Auxiliary
B)Bar, Bed, Berm, Bit, Bituminous, Blasting, Borehole, Bottom, Brattice, Breakthrough, Brittle, Brow, Btu, Bucket
C)Cage, Cap, Car, Carbon, Carbon dioxide, Carry, Cave in, Cavity, Certified, Chronic, Clean air, Cleavage, Coal, Coke, Cold, Colliery, Color, Competent, Conditions, Contact, Conveyor, Courage, Crib, Crosscut, Crush, Crust, Cutter
D)Danger, Dank, Dark, Deplete, Deposit, Deposits, Depth, Desire, Destruction, Detect, Detonate, Development, Direction, Disease, Distribution, Drainage, Drill, Dry, Dump, Dust
E)Elevator car, Emission, Entrance, Environment, Equipment, Evaluate, Excavation, Exhaust, Exit, Explore, Explosion, Exposure
F)Face, Facility, Failure, Fan, Fear, Feel, Fire, Fissure, Flame-resistant, Fracture, Fuel, Fuse
G)Gas, Gear, Generations, Geologist, Girder, Governing, Ground, Gunite, Guy rope
H)Hammer, Heap, Helmet, Hoist, Hole, Hopper, Horizontal, Hot, Humid, Hydraulic
I)Illuminate, Impure, Incline, Inspection, Instruments
J)Jack, Jeopardy, Job
K)Kettle bottom
L)Lamp, Laws, Legacy, Light, Lithology, Location
M)Magazine, Manhole, Material, Mechanized, Medicine, Mine, Miner, Monitor, Mountain, MSHA
N)Narrow, Natural, Noxious
O)Open, Ore, Outcrop
P)Particles, Passage, Penetration, Permit, Pillar, Plane, Pneumoconiosis, Power, Protection, Pulley, Pyrite
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quest, Quick
R)Reclaim, Reclamation, Recover, Region, Reliable, Rescue, Resources, Rock, Roller, Rope, Royalty
S)Safety, Sample, Savvy, Scaling, Scoop, Scrubber, Seam, Section, Sediment, Shaft, Shift, Shift boss, Shuttle, Signal, Slag, Slope, Sludge, Solid, Sounding, Span, Span, Spark, Standards, Steep, Strain, Strata, Stress, Structure, Sum, Support, Surface
T)Team, Tension, Timber, Toil, Torque, Transfer, Transport, Treatment, Truss, Tunnel
U)Underground, Unit train, Unload
V)Vein, Vein, Ventilation, Vertical, Void
W)Wages, Wagon, Warning, Waste, Waste water, Weakening, Weight, Wet, Work
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