Medieval History, Feudalism Vocabulary Word List (165)

A)Allegiance, Allodium, Armor, Authority
B)Bailiff, Banquet, Barbarian, Battle, Benevolences, Black Death, Bloodshed, Boundary, Bravery, Bubonic plague, Bulwark
C)Capture, Carousel, Castle, Chain mail, Chamberlain, Chivalry, Civil, Civilization, Class, Clergy, Combat, Commune, Company, Competition, Conflict, Conquer, Constable, Control, Corvée, Cottage, Cotter, Craftsmen, Crusade, Crusade, Custom
D)Dark Ages, Defense, Demesne, Disease, Dispute, Distrust, Draft, Droit de seigneur
E)Ecclesiastic, Empire
F)Famine, Farming, Fealty, Fear, Feud, Feudal, Fief, Fighting, Forfeiture, Fortification, Frontier
G)Galileo, Geld, Gest, Glory, Goodwill, Grange, Guild
H)Holy Land, Homage, Household, Hovel, Hue and cry
I)Illness, Imposed, Indulgence, Influence, Institution, Invasion
J)Jongleur, Journey
K)Keep, King, Kingdom, Knight
L)Land, Landlord, Legend, Levy, Liege, Lord, Loyalty
M)Magnificence, Manor, Medieval, Merchant, Mercy, Minstrel, Missionary, Monastery, Muslim, Mutual aid
N)Nobility, Noble
O)Official, Ordeal, Overcome, Overlord, Ownership
P)Pasture, Peasant, Peril, Period, Pilgrimage, Pledge, Poet, Poverty, Prowess
R)Region, Religion, Respect, Restriction, Rights, Roman Empire, Royal, Rule, Ruler
S)Seneschal, Serf, Shield, Shire, Skirmish, Spear, Squire, Steward, Strength, Strengthen, Stronghold, Subject, Superstition, Sword
T)Tale, Tax, Tenant, Thane, Tithe, Tournament, Townspeople, Tradition, Training, Tribesmen, Troubadour
V)Valor, Vassal, Village, Violence
W)Wandering, War, Warfare, Warrior, Wealth
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Medieval History, Feudalism Lesson Plan and discussion
1. Imagine you lived in medieval times as a peasant. What would life be like in your village? Name some challenges people would face to survive.
2. Imagine you lived in medieval times as a noble. How would you treat the peasants? Name some good things you would do for them.

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