Maverick Waves Vocabulary Word List (138)

A)Accomplished, Adrenaline, Agile, Allure, Aquatic, Athletic
B)Balance, Beach, Big-wave, Board, Board-shorts, Bone-chilling, Booties, Bowl over, Break, Brutal, Buoyant
C)California, Champion, Chaos, Chart, Chase, Clad, Clean, Compete, Competition, Competitor, Concentration, Conditions, Confident, Contest
D)Daredevil, Deep, Degree, Delight, Descent, Develop, Disorientation, Drama, Dream, Drop, Drowning
E)Endless, Energy, Event
F)Factors, Fit, Forecast, Freak, Fury
G)Gigantic, Glorious, Grab, Greg Long, Groundswell
H)Half-Moon Bay, Hawaii, Heat, Hood, Hurtle
I)Interest, International, Intrepid, Invitation
J)Jaws, Jut
M)Mammoth, Maps, Maui, Mavericks, Memorable, Money, Monstrous, Motion
N)Nature, Neoprene, Nerves
O)Oahu, Ocean, Opening ceremony, Organizers, Outdoors, Outer-reef
P)Paddle out, Prayer, Prime
R)Reefs, Release, Rely upon, Requisite, Rescue, Rescue sled, Rush
S)Safety, Satellite, Scare, Sequence, Session, Shape, Sighting, Significant, Spawn, Spectacular, Stoked, Storms, Stretch, Strong, Sun, Surf, Surf season, Surfer, Swell, Swoop
T)Tension, Timing, Tracking
U)Unconventional, Unforgiving, Unpredictable
V)Vibe, Viewing, Volume
W)Waimea Bay, Wave, Weather, Wet suit, Win, Winds, Winnings, Wipe-out
Y)Yearning, Yelling, Youth
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