Mardi Gras Vocabulary Word List (193)

A)Alligator, Anticipation, Artistry, Ash Wednesday, Atmosphere, Authentic, Awe
B)Bacchanalia, Balls, Bands, Banquet, Barricades, Beads, Beans, Behavior, Bold
C)Cacophony, Carefree, Carnival, Catering, Clamor, Clowns, Comus (God of Mirth), Crawfish, Creative, Creativity, Crowds, Crown, Culmination, Culture, Customs
D)Dancing, Decoration, Demonstrations, Drink
E)Ecstatic, Enthusiasm, Exceptional, Expectant, Extravagance, Extravaganza
F)Face-painting, Faithful, Famous, Fancy dress, Fat Tuesday, Fervid, Festival, Festivities, Festoon, Flambeaux, Fleur de lys, Floats, Flourish, Folly, Food, France, French Quarter
G)Genuine, Ghoulish, Glitzy, Glow, Gold, Goofy, Gourmet, Grand, Green, Grotesque, Gumbo
H)Hangover, Hedonistic, Hoorah
I)Imaginative, Individuality, Industrious, Ingenuous, Innovative, Inspirational, Intense
J)Jamboree, Jazz, Jocular, Joy, Joyful, Jubilant
K)King, King cake baby, Kinship, Krewes
L)Laughter, Legitimacy, Lent, Liquor, Loitering, Louisiana, Luminescence
M)Magic, March 6, Masks, Merrymaking, Mob, Momentum, Momus, Muffuletta, Music, Mystical
N)Necklaces, New Orleans, Noise
O)Oberon, Opportunity, Outrageous, Ovation, Oyster
P)Parade, Parties, Percussion, Phenomenon, Populace, Popular, Pretentious, Priorities, Proteus, Purple
Q)Quality, Quantity, Queen
R)Raunchy, Realm, Recognition, Reign, Resourcefulness, Responsive, Reveler, Revelries, Rex, Ridiculous, Riot, Ritual
S)Sequins, Sharing, Shrimp, Shrove Tuesday, Skill, Souvenirs, Special, Spectacle, Spirit, Stilt walkers, Streetcar, Success, Successful, Sumptuous, Surprises
T)Tantalize, Teamwork, Tenacious, Tolerant, Tourists, Trademark, Traditions, Treasures, Trinkets, Twelfth Night
U)Ultimate, Unanimous, Unfolding, Unique, United, Unity, Unmasking (Rex), Uptown
V)Validation, Vigilant, Vigorous, Visible, Voodoo, Vow
W)Washboard, Waving, Welcoming, Willingness, Winning, Wisdom, Worthy
Y)Yearning, Yelling, Youth
Z)Zealous, Zest, Zydeco
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Mardi Gras Lesson Plan and discussion ideas:
Mardi Gras came to America in 1699 with the arrival of a French explorer, Iberville. The celebration occurs just before Lent. New Orleans is renowned for its Mardi Gras celebrations.

Mardi Gras word list
alligator, crawfish, duck, egret, gumbo, hurricane, jazz, king, Mardi Gras, nutria, oyster, pelican, queen, redfish, shrimp, Tabasco sauce, umbrella, voodoo, water lily, washboard, xylophone, yat, zydeco offers more than 565 word lists. To see a celebrations word list, please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards, 2500 pages of free content at are available only online without registration or fees.