Malaria Vocabulary Word List (144)

A)Abracadabra, Africa, Alarm, Alive, Amount, Anemic, Anti-malaria, Artemisinin, Attack, Attempt. detoxify, Avoidance
B)Bad air, Bed net, Biology, Bite, Blood, Body, Bounce back, Buzz
C)Campaign, Candidate, Cells, Chill, Chloroquine, Coma, Commitment, Complication, Continuation, Control, Countries, Creatures, Cure
D)DDT, Death, Discovery, Disease, Distribute, Division, Doctor, Dose, Douse, Dreaded, Druga
E)Earth, Eradicate
F)Fearsome, Feast, Female, Fever, Fix, Funds
G)Global, Growth
H)Habitat, Hatch, Health, Hemoglobin, Hopeful, Host, Humans
I)Immunity, Infect, Infection, Insecticide, Invade, Italy
L)Laboratory, Larvae, Latch on, Legislation, Libraries, Life cycle, Liver
M)Malaria, Malariologist, Mayhem, Medication, Merozoites, Microscopic, Mosquitoes
N)Netting, Numbers
P)Parasite, Pathogen, Physician, Plasmodium, Prevention, Program, Puddle, Pyrethroid
Q)Quantity, Quest, Quinine
R)Ravage, Relief, Repel, Replicate, Reproduction, Research, Resistant
S)Salivary gland, Screens, Shiver, Sicken, Sickness, Solution, Solve, Species, Sporozoites, Spray, Spray, Spread, Squelch, Staggering, Stagnant, Stamp out, Sting, Studies, Suffering, Surveillance, Swarm, Symptoms
T)Tenacious, Toll, Transmission, Treatment, Trials, Trigger, Tropics
U)Unchecked, Underestimation
V)Vaccine, Victim, Vulnerability
W)Waste, Water, Weeks, Wetlands, World, World-wide, Worries, Worse
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