Maine Vocabulary Word List (101)

A)Arcadia, Artists, Atlantic, Attractions, Attractive, Augusta, Augusta
B)Bates, Bay of Fundy, Beaches, Bears, Beauty, Birds, Blueberries, Blueberries, Boating, Bogs, Bowdoin
C)Charming, Climate, Coast, Coastline, Cole, Country
D)Dirigo (I lead), Driftwood
E)Eastern White Pine
F)Ferry, Fishing, Fishing, Forest, Friendly
H)Harbors, Hartley, History, Home, Homer, Honeybee
I)Ice, Interesting, Islands, Islands, Isolated
L)Leaves, Lighthouses, Lobsters
M)Mainah, Maine coon cat, Maritime, Moose, Museums
N)Nature, New England
O)Ocean, Outdoors
P)Parks, Picturesque, Pine Tree State, Points of interest, Population, Population, Pristine, Pulp paper
R)Region, Remote, Residences, Rugged, Rural
S)Sardines, Scenic, Seagulls, Shore, Snow, State
T)Terrain, Tourists, Tourmaline, Trails, Travel, Tribes
U)Unique, United States, Unpretentious, Untamed, Urban
V)Vacation, Visitors
W)Wabanaki, Waterways, Waves, White pine cone, White pine tree, Wilderness, Wildlife, Winter, Wyeth
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