Mainbocher Vocabulary Word List (94)

A)Alteration, American, Appeal, Asymmetrical, Atelier
B)Balance, Beauties, Beauty
C)Celebration, Chicago, Clientele, Collections, Company, Control, Controversy, Corset, Costs, Couture house, Creation, Customers
D)Debutantes, Designer, Detailing, Distinctive, Draping, Dresses
E)Editor, Effort, Elan, Elegance, Elite, Exclusive, Expense
F)Fame, Famous, Fans, Fashion, Fashion house, France, Full-skirt
G)Girl Scouts, Glamorous, Go-to, Goal, Goods, Gowns
H)Haute couture, High-end, High-profile, Homage
I)Illustrator, Influence, Inspiration
L)Label, Ladies, Legacy, Luxury
M)Main Rousseau Bocher, Mainbocher Couture
N)Navy WAVES, Nipped-in waist, Nurses
O)Original, Outfit
P)Panels, Paris, Parisian, Patriot, Pieces, Price, Provenance, Publicity
R)Rank, Razzle-dazzle, Recognition, Refinement
S)Satin, Sense, Silhouette, Society, Status, Stitches, Straps, Stylish, Subtle, Success
T)Trousseau, Tucks
W)Wallis Blue, Wasp-waisted, Wedding dresses
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