Louis Armstrong Vocabulary Word List (247)

A)Ability, Acceptance, Accolade, Accompaniment, Adaptation, Admiration, Admission, Affect, Aficionado, Airplay, Album, Ambitious, Amplify, Appearances, Applause, Appreciate, Arrangement, Array, Artist, Artistic, Assemble, Audience, Auditorium, Autobiography, Awe
B)Background, Backstage, Band, Banjo, Bassist, Beat, Beginnings, Big time, Blacks, Blues, Bones, Boogie-woogie, Bookings, Bop, Bourbon Street, Box office, Brass, Business, Buzz
C)Cajun, Charisma, Clamor, Clarinet, Clubs, Collaborate, Collage, Complex, Composer, Composition, Concept, Concert, Contact, Contract, Cool jazz, Cornet, Creative, Cutting edge
D)Dance, Date, Denigration, Derivation, Devotee, Distinctive, Distortion, Documentation, Drummer, Drums
E)Effect, Element, Emotional, Emphasis, Energy, Enjoyment, Entertainment, Era, Event, Exciting, Exposure, Extravagant, Exuberant
F)Fame, Famous, Fans, Favorite, Featuring, Feeling, Finest, Focus, Format, Fun-loving, Fusion jazz
G)Genre, Golden Age, Groove, Group, Guests
H)Harlem, Hear, Hit, Homage, Horn
I)Idol, Imitate, Improvisation, Include, Influence, Information, Inspired, Inspiring, Instrument, International, Interpolation, Interpretation, Invitation, Irregular
J)Jam session, Jazz, Jug
L)Legend, Letter writer, Limitless, Listen, Lively, Loud, Louis, Lover, Lyrics
M)Marijuana, Masses, Mastery, Mellow, Melody, Microphone, Mike, Mixture, Mob, Mobs, Modes, Mouthpiece, Movies, Multimedia, Music, Musician
N)New, New Orleans, New York City, Night, Nightclub
O)Old, One-of-a-kind, Orchestra, Organized, Origins
P)Partnership, Passionate, Perform, Performance, Persona, Personality, Phrase, Piano, Play, Pleasure, Polish, Pops, Popular, Poverty, Prejudice, Produce, Product, Professional
R)Race, Ragtime, Range, Raucous, Raw, Recognition, Recording, Regional, Regular, Relaxation, Repetitive, Reunion, Revere, Rhythm, Rhythm-and-blues, Riff, Roots
S)Saxophone, Segregated, Sensation, Set, Share, Show, Show business, Solo, Song, Songwriter, Soothing, Soul, Sounds, South, Southern, Stage, Staging, Star, Start, String bass, Strong, Studio, Style, Superstar, Swing, Syncopation
T)Talent, Tape recorders, Technique, Television, Temper, Tickets, Timeless, Timing, Tones, Tour, Traditional, Trend, Tribute, Trombone, Troupe, Trumpet
U)Upbeat, Urban
V)Venue, Veteran, Violin, Visionary, Volume
W)Whites, World
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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