Lifeguards Vocabulary Word List (159)

A)Adults, Agencies, Alert, Anxiety, Aquatic, Attentive, Attitude, Automatic
B)Backboard, Beach, Best-trained, Boat, Boys, Buoy
C)Career, Cautious, Chair, Child, Community, Community pool, Consequences, Cove, Crawl, Crew, Crowd
D)Daily, Danger, Danger, Depth, Discipline, Distress, Dive, Drill, Drowning, Dunes, Duty
E)Effort, Elderly, Emotion, Employment, EMT, Evacuate, Exertion, Exhaustion, Experience, Expertise
F)Firefighter, Fit, Frightening
G)Gear up, Girls
H)Heed, Help, High-intensity, Hiring, Hours
I)Immerse, Inattention, Indoor, Instruction, Intense
J)Job, Jump in
K)Kicking, Kids
L)Lagoon, Lake, Leg action, Lessons, Life jacket, Lives, Long-board, Look out, Lost child, Lotion
M)Megaphone, Men, Missing
N)Nerves, Notice
O)Obey, Observe, Ocean, Open water, Ordeal, Outcome, Outdoor, Oxygen
P)Paramedic, Paramedics, Park, Perform, Pond, Pool, Practice, Price, Profession, Program, Pull out, Push
R)Race, Raft, Relax, Rescue, Restrictions, Reveal, Rigor, Rip-tide, River, Rules
S)Safety, Save, Scare, Scared, Sea, Search, Season, See, Shore, Shore, Signs, Strength, Stressful, Stroke, Submerged, Suffocate, Summer, Sunshine, Surface, Swim
T)Team, Technique, Tide, Timing, Tiring, Training, Treading water, Trouble
U)Undertow, Underwater
V)Victim, View, Volunteer
W)Wade, Wage, Wander, Warnings, Watch, Water, Weekend, Whistle, Women, Worry, Worthy
Y)Yards, Young, Youth
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