Large and Little Adjectives Vocabulary Word List (127)

A)Acme, Ample, Apex, August
B)Bantam, Beefy, Biggest, Boundless, Brimming, Broddingnagian
C)Capacious, Colossal, Concise, Condensed, Corpulent, Cyclopean
D)Dainty, Diminutive, Dwarfed
E)Elephantine, Elevated, Elfin, Eminent, Enormous, Esteemed, Exalted, Exhaustive, Extensive
F)Famous, Fullest
G)Gargantuan, Giant, Gigantic, Glorious, Grand, Grandiose, Great
H)Heroic, Highest, Huge, Humble, Humongous
I)Illustrious, Immeasurable, Immense, Inadequate, Inconsequential, Inferior, Infinite, Inflated, Influential, Insubstantial, Insufficient, Insular, Iota
K)King size
L)Largest, Leviathan, Limited, Limitless, Lower
M)Magnanimous, Majestic, Massive, Meager, Measly, Mere, Mini, Miniature, Minute, Miserly, Mountainous
N)Narrow, Negligible, Niggardly, Noble
O)Obese, Outstanding, Overflowing, Overgrown, Oversize, Overweight
P)Paramount, Parsimonious, Peewee, Penurious, Pint sized, Plain, Plentiful, Prominent
R)Rare, Reduced, Renowned, Robust
S)Scant, Significant, Skimpy, Slight, Small, Smallest, Spacious, Splendid, Stupendous, Subordinate, Substantial, Superb, Supreme
T)Tall, Tallest, Teeny, Teeny-weeny, Terse, Thorough, Tiny, Top, Towering, Tremendous, Trifling
U)Unbounded, Unlimited
V)Vast, Voluminous
W)Weak, Wee, Whopping
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Little Adjectives word list:
bantam, concise, condensed, dainty, diminutive, dwarfed, elfin, humble, inadequate, inconsequential, inferior, insubstantial, insufficient, insular, iota, limited, lower, lowest, meager, meager, measly, mere, miniature, mini, minute, miserly, narrow, negligible, niggardly, parsimonious, peewee, penurious, pint sized, plain, reduced, scant, slight, small, smallest, teeny, teeny-weeny, terse, tiny, trifling, skimpy, subordinate, weak, wee

Large-sized Adjectives word list:
acme, ample, apex, eminent, enormous, exalted, exhaustive, extensive, full, fullest, gargantuan, giant, gigantic, glorious, grand, grandiose, great, Herculean, heroic, highest, huge, humble, humongous, illustrious, immeasurable, immense, infinite, inflated, influential, jumbo, king size, largest, leviathan, magnanimous, majestic, massive, mountainous, noble, obese, outstanding, overflowing, overgrown, oversize, overweight, paramount, plentiful, prominent, renown, robust, significant, spacious, splendid, stupendous, substantial, superb, supreme, tall, tallest, thorough, top, towering, tremendous, unbounded, unlimited, vast, voluminous, whopping offers more than 630 word lists. To see adjectives, adverbs and grammar word lists please go to the home page for word games, interactive word puzzles and themed content for Adverbs, Grammar, Irregular Verbs, Large and Little Adjectives. 2500 pages of free content align with Common Core Standards at are available only online. There are no fees.