Lace Vocabulary Word List (133)

A)Affect, Alencon lace, Antique, Apron
B)Bars, Battenburg lace, Bobbin-made, Borders, Bruges, Brussels
C)Care, Characteristic, Circle, Classic, Cleaning, Cloth, Cluny lace, Collars, Cost, Coverlet, Creases, Cross, Curtains, Cutwork
D)Darned netting, Delicate, Demand, Denmark, Design, Desirable, Devotee, Disfavor, Display, Distinctive, Distinguishing, Doily, Dress
E)Edging, Effect, Elaborate, Ell, Embroidery, European, Extravagance
F)Fan, Fashion, Filet lace, Finery, Flemish, Flowers, France, Frill, Furnishing
G)Gentle, Geometric, Glove, Greek lace
H)Half-stitch, Hand wash, Handkerchief, Handwork, Harm, History, Hobby, Humidity
I)Import, Industry, Intricate, Italian
K)Kerchief, Kind
L)Lace, Lacemakers, Ladies, Leaves, Light, Linen, Local
M)Machine-made, Manufacture, Master, Merchants, Mesh, Motif, Museum
N)Needlepoint popularity
O)Old, Orders, Ornamental
P)Pastime, Patterns, Pillow lace, Point de Venise, Preservation, Price, Price, Prized, Punchwork
Q)Quality, Quantity, Queens
R)Reticella lace, Rolling, Rosette, Ruffs, Runners
S)Scarves, Scroll, Selling, Silk, Smocking, Smuggle, Spaces, Stitching
T)Tape, Tape lace, Taste, Temperature, Textile, Thickness, Thin, Thread, Timely, Treatment, Twisted, Type
W)Wedding, Wheaters, Women, Workmanship
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