Labor Day Vocabulary Word List (121)

A)Accounting, Achievement, Activities, Adjustment, American, Annual, Arbitrate, Assembly, Automation
B)Beneficiary, Benefits, Beseech, Boss, Business
C)Celebration, Collection, Community, Compensation, Complain, Complaint, Conditions, Conscientious, Consumers, Contract, Cooperation, Corporation
D)Date, Dedication, Demands, Deregulate, Deserving, Diligence, Diminish, Disturbance
E)Earnings, Employee, Employer, Equity, Exorbitant, Expectations
F)Fair, Fallacy, Federal, Foster, Full-time, Fund
G)Growth, Guarantee
H)Hire, Historical, Holiday, Hours
I)Industry, Information, Informed, Inhumane, Insist, Institution, Interest, Interviews
J)Job, Joint
L)Labor, Legal, Loyalty
M)Merge, Merit, Minimum wage, Monday, Money
O)Observance, Official, Operation, Organization, Organize, Organizer
P)Parade, Part-time, Payment, Picnic, Planning, Pledge, Practices, Procedure, Profit, Protest, Public
Q)Quality, Qualms, Queries, Quit
R)Requirement, Retiree, Reward, Rights, Risky, Role
S)Safety, Salary, Satisfaction, School start, Secure, September, Society, Strike, Supervisor
T)Time, Treasurer
U)Unification, Union, Unite
V)Vacation, Value
W)Wage, Warrant, Welfare, Workers, Workhouse
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