Kwanzaa Vocabulary Word List (124)

A)Accommodate, Accountability, Acknowledgment, African-American, Aggregate, Altar, Amity, Ancestors, Art, Attitude
B)Banderas, Black
C)Candles, Celebration, Chalice, Civil, Collaborative, Collective work, Colorful, Commemoration, Commitment, Community, Consideration, Cooperation, Cooperative economies, Coronation, Creativity, Cultural
D)Deed, Deference, Dependable, Dried Indian corn (represents children), Dynamic
E)Educational gifts, Energy, Enjoyment, Ethics, Evaluation
F)Faith, Family, Feelings, Flags, Forebearer, Forgiving
G)Genuine, Gift, Goodness, Grace, Green
H)Help, Heritage, Honesty, Hope, Humor
I)Imani=faith, Integrity, Intemperance
J)Joy, Jubilant, Jubilee, Judge
K)Kindness, Kinship, Kujiehagulia, Kuumba
L)Laughter, Listening, Love, Loyalty
M)Merrymaking, Mission, Motivate
N)Nguzo Saba, Nia, Nobility
O)Opportunity, Optimism, Order
P)Praise, Productive, Purpose
Q)Qualities, Quest
R)Reason, Reliability, Resourceful, Responsibility, Restrain, Reverent
S)Self-determination, Sensitivity, Sharing, Solemn, Supportive, Sympathy, Synergy
T)Tactful, Teamwork, Tendency, Thoughtful, Tolerance, Trial, Truth
U)Ujamaa, Ujima, Umoja, Understanding, Unique, Unity
V)Values, Virtue, Vision, Visionary
W)Warmth, Willingness, Wisdom, Worship, Worthwhile, Worthy
Y)Yearn, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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KWANZAA - a non-religious holiday

Kwanzaa comes from Swahili meaning "first fruits" of harvest. The non-religious, cultural holiday was first created in 1966 by a professor, Maulana Karenga, at Cal State Long Beach.

The celebration occurs with respect for its symbols, values and practices. The spiritual underpinnings predate Christianity.

One of its objectives is to restore roots in African culture. Families reflect on seven themes beginning on Dec. 26th and continuing through January 1 in this order.

Some estimates state that Kwanzaa has become a cultural touchstone was 28 million people. Candle colors range from black, green and red.

The Nguzo Saba or seven principles that form the essence of Kwanzaa include the following:

Umoja = unity
Kujiehagulia = self-determination
Ujima = collective work and responsibility
Ujamaa = cooperative economics
Nia = purpose
Kuumba = creativity
Imani = faith
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