Knitting Vocabulary Word List (304)

A)Ability, Accents, Accessories, Achievement, Advanced, Age, Alike, Alpaca, Alternate, Amateur, Ambitious, Appeal, Array, Art, Article, Artistic, Artistry, Attire
B)Back, Ball, Basic, Basket, Basket pattern, Beauty, Beginning, Bin, Bits, Blanket, Blend, Blocking, Bonnet, Books, Booties, Boxes, Break, Break, Buttonhole, Buttons, Buying
C)Cable pattern, Cap, Captivate, Cardigan, Cashmere, Cast on, Casual, Catalog, Chain, Challenge, Choices, Chunky, Circular needle, Clacking, Classes, Clothing, Collection, Colors, Comfort, Comfortable, Commercial, Commission, Common, Companionship, Consultant, Contrast, Conversation, Costs, Covet, Craft, Create, Creative, Crisscross, Crochet, Custom-made, Customers
D)Delight, Design, Direction, Discouragement, Double-pointed, Drop, Dropped stitch
E)Employees, Error, Expensive, Experiment, Exquisite, Extra finishing
F)Fancy, Fashion, Feel, Feminine, Finished, First-rate, Fit, Flaw, Flexible, Friendship, Fringe, Front, Full-fashioned, Fuzz
G)Garment, Garter, Generations, Gifted, Gifts, Grasp
H)Hand work, Hand-knit, Hang, Healing, Help, High-end, High-quality, Hobby, Hold-all, Homemade, Hook, Hours, How-to-do, Hue
I)Impulsive, Index finger, Industry, Inexpensive, Ingenuity, Inspire, Instruct, Instruction, Intermediate, Intricate, Inventory, Itchy
J)Joy, Jumper needle
K)Keen, Kindred, Knit, Knit-a-row, Knitter, Knob
L)Label, Large-eyed needles, Leaf pattern, Learn, Left hand, Leisure, Lessons, Level, Little-by-little, Look, Loom, Loop, Love
M)Machine, Make, Manual, Manufacture, Marino wool, Master, Master, Match up, Measure, Medium, Merge, Messy, Metal, Methodical, Mistake, Mittens, Mixed-up, Multicolored
N)Neckline, Neckties, Need, Needles, Nimble, Notion
O)Obsessed, Old-fashioned
P)Passion, Pattern, Pattern, Personal, Pile, Plan, Pleasure, Pliable, Plush, Pointed, Popular, Practice, Pretty, Pricey, Problem, Profession, Professional, Project, Pull, Pullover, Purchase, Purl, Purl-a-row
Q)Quality, Quality, Questions, Quick, Quiet-time
R)Re-do, Relaxation, Remnants, Renewal, Repetition, Rib pattern, Right hand, Row, Rub, Run
S)Scarves, Scrunch, Seam, Sections, Serious, Shape, Shop, Simplicity, Skein, Skill, Sleeves, Slipknot, Slipped stitch, Sloppy, Smooth, Snug, Socks, Soothing, Sort, Specialty, Spiral, Spool, Stash, Steam, Stitches, Stockinette, Store, Strays, Stretch, String, Stuck, Style, Supplier, Supplies, Sweater
T)Talented, Tangle, Taut, Teach, Tear out, Technique, Test, Texture, Thick, Thread, Thread, Throwback, Thumb, Tightly, Time, Tint, Together, Tones, Top stitch, Touch, Treasure, Trendy, Twist, Tying
U)Unique, Unravel, Unusual, Unwind
V)Variation, Variety, Version, Vest, Vision
W)Warmth, Warp, Wearing, Weave, Weft, Weight, Wind, Worsted-weight, Wrap, Wrinkled
Y)Yak wool, Yards, Yarn, Young
Z)Zigzag, Zipper
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Knit items word list include:
blanket, bonnet, booties, cap, cardigan, garment, gloves, hats, mittens, neckties, outfits, pants, scarves, socks, sweater, twin set, vest

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