Knights in the Middle Ages Vocabulary Word List (144)

A)Accolade, Adventure, Armiger, Armor
B)Banquet, Battle, Battle-ax, Behavior, Bravery
C)Carousel, Castle, Ceremony, Chanson, Chevalier, Chivalry, Coat of arms, Code, Companion, Confess, Conquest, Course, Courtesy, Cross, Crusades
D)Dame, Danger, Dangerous, Death, Decoration, Defend, Defense, Disgrace, Display, Dispute, Drawbridge, Dub, Duel
E)Enemy, Errant, Esquire, Exploration
F)Favorite, Feudal, Feudalism, Fight, Flag, Fortification, Fur
G)Galahad, Gallantry, Gallop, Gauntlet, Gilt, Glory, Gloves, Gunpowder
H)Helmet, Heraldry, Heroic, Holy, Holy Grail, Homage, Honor, Horse race, Horseback, Humanism
J)Jewel, Joust
K)Killing, King, Knee, Knight errant, Knighthood
L)Laird, Lance, Land, Legend, Lord, Loyalty
M)Mace, Mail, Manuscript, Master, Medieval, Mercy, Metal, Military, Minstrel, Monk, Mount
O)Order, Outstanding
P)Page, Pageantry, Paladin, Pauldron, Pennon, Peril, Pike, Pledge, Promise, Protection, Pursuit
Q)Queen, Quest, Quintain
R)Ransom, Recognition, Religion, Ritual, Ruler
S)Searching, Serf, Soldier, Solemn, Spur, Squire, Standard, Strategy, Surcoat, Sword
T)Tactic, Target, Tilting, Tournament, Training, Troubadour, Tunic
V)Varlet, Vigil, Violent, Visor, Vow
W)Wander, War, Warrior, Weak, Weapon
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Knights in the Middle Ages Lesson Plan and Discussion ideas:

1. Art: Choose one, some or all three ideas - Paint, draw the exterior/interior of a castle; label different parts of armor that a knight might need for battle; imagine the food, clothing that people on the grounds would choose

2. Knights in the Middle Ages History: Explain the meanings of these words: Black Death, fief, guild, lord, manor, vassal offers more than 405 word lists. To see History word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content. 2500 pages of free content for are available only online. There are no fees.