Kiteboarding Vocabulary Word List (282)

A)Accomplishment, Adrenaline, Advanced, Affect, Afloat, Agile, Aim, Air, Alarm, Alertness, Align, Allure, Altitude, Aluminum, Amateur, Appeal, Appropriate, Arch, Art, Ascend, Aspire, Athlete, Attraction, Availability, Average, Awe
B)Balance, Beach, Beginner, Boast, Boost, Breeze, Build up, Buoy, Buoyancy
C)Camaraderie. carbon-fiber, Carry, Catch, Check, Choice, Classic, Coach, Color, Compelling, Competition, Composite, Concave, Concentration, Conditions, Confidence, Congregate, Construction, Consult, Contact, Contend, Contract, Control, Core, Costly, Credit, Crescent-shaped, Crest, Cross, Crowds, Current
D)Dangerous, Debut, Deck, Degree, Deliver, Descend, Design, Desire, Devotee, Dip, Distinguish, Diverse, Drive, Drop, Durability
E)Ease, Effect, Embed, Endeavor, Enthusiast, Enthusiastic, Epoxy, Equipment, Expand, Expense, Experience, Experiment, Extra, Extreme
F)Factor, Fear, Feel, Fiberglass, Fin, Fitness, Flexibility, Flexible fin, Float, Foam, Focus, Foe, France, Fun, Function
G)Gale, Glare, Glass, Glitter, Glory, Graphite, Grueling
H)Hard-core, Harness, Hawaii, Height, High performance, High-tech, Hoist, Hollow, Hospitalization
I)Impact, Increase, Inflatable, Injury, Intermediate, Intrepid
J)Jacket, Job, Jostle, Joy, Judge, Judgment
K)Kevlar, Kick, Knots
L)Lay, Legs, Leisure, Lessons, Level, Lie, Lightweight, Locale
M)Maneuverability, Marine, Middle, Motion, Movement
N)Narrow, Navigate, Normal, Novice
O)Ocean, Optimal, Optimum, Ordinary, Outdoors, Outline
P)Paddle, Patent, Peak performance, Perseverance, Pipeline, Polypropylene, Popular, Position, Preliminary, Prevail, Professional, Prone, Pump, Pumped, Pursuit, Push
Q)Qualify, Quality, Quest, Quick, Quintessential, Quotient
R)Range, Recommendation, Reef, Refinement, Reinforcement, Relationship, Replacement, Requirement, Rescue, Resin, Response, Retro, Ride, Rigid fin, Rocker, Rod, Roil, Rolling
S)Safety, Sail, Sand, Scare, Scissor kick, Setback, Shape, Shell, Shore, Side bars, Sky, Smooth, Snap back, Solution, Speed, Split-second, Sport, Spray, Stomach, Strategy, Strength, Style, Summer, Sun, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Superior, Surf, Surface, Surfer, Sweep, Swim
T)Tail, Tapered, Technology, Temperature, Testing, Thickness, Timing, Tradition, Transition, Turning
U)Ultimate, Ultraviolet ray, Unforgiving, Unique, Universal, Unpredictable
V)Vacation, Vee, Venerable, Vent, Venue, Versatile, Vest, Visible, Vision, Volume, Vulnerable
W)Wade, Waft, Wake, Warnings, Water, Wave, Weather, Weigh, Weight, Wetsuit, Width, Wind, Wipe out
Y)Yearn, Yell, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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Kiteboarding characteristics:
Kiteboarding is a young sport:
Kiteboards can be 12 ", some are skinny, some are only 4" long and squat, some have two fins while others have four.
Kiteboarders are subject to the vagaries of sea breezes.
The kiteboarding national championships were held in San Francisco June 2008.

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