Kayak Adventure Vocabulary Word List (179)

A)Access, Admiration, Adventure, Alert, Along, Amateur, Appreciation, Area, Avoid
B)Back country, Biology, Boats, Buddy
C)Calm, Capsize, Carry, Challenge, Channel, Class, Coast, Coastal, Cockpit, Color, Comfortable, Compensate, Competition, Competitive, Constant, Course, Cramped, Crawl, Creative, Crowded, Current, Currents
D)Deck, Destination, Discovery, Downriver, Dry
E)Eskimos, Estuaries, Events, Expedition, Experience, Expert, Explore
F)Factors, Fall in, Families, Fee, Fiberglass, Fiberglass, Flap, Flip, Float, Flow, Frame, Freshwater, Friend
G)Gates, Groups, Guided
H)Habitat, Hat, Helmet, Hull
I)Individual, Inflatable, Information, Instructive, Interpretive
J)Join, Joy
K)Keen, Knowledge
L)Lake, Learn, Leisure, Lessons, Life jacket, Life preserver, Lift, Location, Lull
M)Maintenance, Maneuver, Marine, Meander, Measurements, Motion, Movement
N)Narrow, Natural, Nature
O)Ocean, Olympic Games, Opening, Outdoors, Overboard, Overcompensate
P)Paddle, Panic, Passion, Peaceful, Person, Plan, Plastic, Pleasure, Practice, Pristine, Professional, Programs, Protect, Purpose
Q)Quality, Qualms, Question, Quiet
R)Race, Rapids, Recreation, Remote, Rentals, Resin, Restful, Ride, River, Rocks, Roll, Rush
S)Safety, Scare, Shallow, Shape, Shore, Significant, Sitting, Sitting in, Sitting on top, Size, Skill, Small, Solitary, Solitude, Storage, Stream, Stretch, Submerge, Sunscreen
T)Teens, Tether, Timing, Tip over, Tours, Tranquility, Transport, Tricky
U)Unique, Unpredictable, Usage, Used boats
V)Velocity, Volume
W)Watch, Water, Waterproof, Waves, Weather, Weight, Weight, Wet, Whitewater, Wildlife, Wind, Wonders
Y)Year round
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