Job choices Vocabulary Word List (147)

A)Accountant, Aerospace, Agent, Amateur, Architect, Assembly line peson, Assistant, Auto mechanics
B)Baby sitter, Banker, Beautician, Biochemist, Biotechnology, Blacksmith, Blue-collar job, Bookkeeper, Broker, Business
C)Caddy, Carpenter, Caterer, Chemist, Chiropractor, Clerk, Clown, College administrator, Composer, Computer specialist, Conductor, Construction worker, Contractor, Cook, Counselor, Craftsman, Craftswoman, Criminal justice, Curator
D)Dancer, Delivery person, Dentist, Designer, Diplomacy, Director, Diver, Doctor, Dog walker, Doorman, Draftsman, Driver
E)Educator, Elevator repair, Employee, Employer, Engineering, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur
F)Farmer, Fashion, Fashion designer, Firefighter, Fisherman, Florist, Food manufacturer, Funeral director
G)Gardener, Geologist, Golfer, Government worker, Guard
H)Health professional, Health science, Helper, Home furnishings, Homemaker, Human resources
I)Import/export, Innkeeper, Insurance, Investor
L)Laborer, Landscaper, Lawyer, Library science, Lumberjack
M)Maintenance worker, Manager, Marketing, Medical field, Military, Minister
N)Newscaster, Nurse, Nurse
O)Official, Optician, Organizer, Owner
P)Painter, Pastor, Physician, Pilot, Postal worker, Preacher, Priest, Professional, Psychologist, Public accountant, Public administrator
R)Rabbi, Railroad worker, Real estate agent, Real estate professional, Retail sales
S)Salesman, Salesman, Saleswoman, Saleswoman, Seamstress, Secretary, Sewer, Social worker, Software
T)Tailor, Taxation, Teacher, Teacher of technical classes, Technology scientist, Textiles, Therapist, Toy designer, Trader, Transportation
U)University professor
V)Valet, Venture capitalist, Veterinarian, Violinist
W)White collar career, Wholesaler, Wine-maker, Woodworking, Writer
Y)Youth advisor
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