Jewish Holidays Vocabulary Word List (165)

A)Accurate, Advantage, Ancient, Apples, Atonement, Attendance, Authentic
C)Captivate, Celebrant, Celebration, Chanting, Childhood, Commitment, Confidence, Congregation, Conservative, Convincing, Crowd, Culture
D)Daily, Day of Atonement, Design, Destination, Development, Dream
E)Edge, Elders, Enthusiast, Essential, Evenings, Exodus, Explicit, Expression
F)Faith, Family, Feast of Trumpets, Festive, Food, Force, Formal, Framework, Friday
G)Gaze, Generate, God
H)Hallmark, Healing, Hebrew, High Holiday services, History, Holiday, Holocaust, Honey, Honor, Hymn
I)Impact, Improvements, Information, Informative, Intentions, Invoke, Israel
J)Jewish, Judaica, Judaism
K)Kaddish, Knowledge
L)Learning, Life, Lift up, Love, Loyalty
M)Major, Mandatory, Memorial, Motion, Mourn, Multi-purpose
N)Naming, Network, New Year, Nightfall
O)Observant, Observation, Orthodox
P)Paramount, Passing, Passover, Personal, Persuasion, Pray, Prayer, Principal, Principle, Provision, Punctuate
Q)Quick, Quiet, Quintessential
R)Rabbi, Rams horn, Range, Rebbe, Recite, Reflection, Reformed, Relationships, Reliability, Religion, Remembrance, Research, Resources, Respect, Ritual, Rosh Hashanah
S)Sabbath, Sacred, Sanctuary, Security, Service, Shabbat, Shevarim, Shofar, Showcase, Signal, Sober, Special, Stabile, Success, Sundown, Sunset, Superior, Survey, Sweet jam, Symbol, Symbolic, Synagogue
T)Tekiah, Tekiah Gedolah, Teruah, Thrust, Tishei, Tradition, Trumpet, Turbulent times, Two-day celebration
U)Ultra, Upbringing
V)Variety, Various, Veneration, Visible, Vital, Vow
W)Wail, Wisdom, Wistful, Worship
Y)Yearning, Yizkor, Yom Kippur, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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