Jesuits Vocabulary Word List (129)

A)Academic, Activity, Adherence, Agenda, Anti-discrimination, Apostolic, Appreciation, Association
B)Belief, Black, Blessed Virgin Mary, Broad, Brothers, Bull
C)Calling, Cassock, Catholic, Celibacy, Challenging, Chastity, Children, Christianity, Church, Cincture, Classic, Community life, Company of Jesus, Conformity, Consecrate, Conversion, Counter Reformation, Culture, Curia
D)Debate, Decline, Dedication, Discipline, Divine, Doctrine
E)Education, Evangelical
F)Faith, Foreign, Founder
G)Georgetown University, Glory, God, Gospels, Greek, Growth
H)Habit, Hierarchy, History, Holy See, Humanities, Huron
I)Identity, Influence, Inspiration, Integrity, Intellectual
L)Latin, Lay, Legacy, Love
M)Male, Mass, Meditation, Members, Membership, Ministry, Mission, Missionaries, Move
N)Nations, Novice
O)Obedience, Offices, Order, Outreach
P)Paris, Parish, Pledge, Pontiff, Poor, Poverty, Practical, Preach, Priests, Progressive, Publications, Pursuit
R)Religion, Religious, Renewal, Research, Restoration, Retreats, Robe, Roman church, Roman collar, Rome, Rome
S)Scholarship, Scholastics, Schools, Seminary, Service, Social justice, Society of Jesus, Souls, Spiritual Exercises, Spirituality, St. Francis Xavier, St. Ignatius of Loyola, Students, Superior General, Suppression
T)Theologian, Theology, Traditional, Training
V)Vatican, Vernacular literature, Vow
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