Irish Vocabulary Word List (279)

A)Adage, Alcohol, Ale, Ancestor, Ancient, Apparel, Authentic, Awe
B)Bagpipe, Balbriggan, Ballads, Balmy, BANSHEE, Battlements, Belleck, Biscuits, Blackthorn, BLARNEY, Bogs, Bonnyclabber, BOONDOGGLE, BOYCOTT, Brambles, Brawl, BROGUE, Burr
C)Cabbage, Cally potatoes, Camagie=field hockey, Cap, Capriciousness, Captivate, Castles, Catholic, Celtic, Celtic cross, Charming, China, Civil war, Claddagh, Clan, Cliffs, Clover, Coffee, Colcannon, Colleen, Communal, Companionship, Corned beef, Cottage, Countryside, Cricket, Crosses, Crubeens, Crystal, Culinary, Culture, Curragh
D)Dancing, Dartboard, Dazzling, Dimension, Distillery, Diversity, DONNEYBROOK, Dramatic, Draught, Dreamer, Drumlin, Dulse
E)Ecumenical, Elf, Emerald Isle, Emigrant, Epitome, Evergreen, Expectation
F)Faerie (prince), Famine, Fanciful, Farming, Fascination, Feast, Fenians, Fibbar MaGee, Fiddle, Fiddler, Fieldstone, Fishing, Folk music, Foolishness, Friendships
G)Gabled, Gaelic, Gardens, Ghost, Ghra=my love, Glimmer, Grandeur, Guinness
H)Hallucination, Hand-knit, Hardship, Harp, Harpist, Headlands, Heather, Hedgerow, Herds, Heritage, Historic, Horses, Hospitality, Humble, Hurling
I)Illusions, Imagery, Imagination, Impressive, Indulgence, Inn, Innkeeper, Insight, Interaction, Ireland, Irish coffee, Irish stew, Irish sweepstakes
J)Jig, Jolly, Joy
K)Keen, Keg, Knight, Knits
L)Lace, Language, Laughter, Legends, LEPRECHAUN, Lilt, LIMERICK, Linnet, Literary, Literature, Local, Loiter, Lorry, Lotteries, Lough, Luck
M)Machree, Magic, Mainland, Majesty, Matriarch, Memories, Mesmerizing, Mist, Moonflowers, Muddy, Mulligan stew, Music, Music and dancing, Musical, Mutton, Mysterious, Myths
N)Nationalism, Nonsense, Notable
O)Ogham, Otherworldly
P)Paganism, Parable, Parochial, Passionate, Peat bog, Personification, Pint, Pints, Pious, Pipes, Pixie, Plaice, Poetic, Pot pie, Pot-of-gold, Potatoes, Poteen, Prince, Pub (public house), Publican
Q)Quaint, Quest, Quiet, Quixotic
R)Raconteur, Rainbow, Rambling, Rebel, Rebellion, Reels, Relatives, Religion, Resilience, Rituals, Rogue, Romance, Rosy-cheeked, Roundabout, Rugby, Rustic
S)SAINT PATRICK, Sanachie, Sayings, SCONES, Sea songs, Seafood, Setting, SHAMROCK, Shanties, Sheep dogs, Shelties, Shepherd, SHILLELAGH, SHIMMER, Shrine, Silkies, Sinn F�in, SMITHEREENS, Soda bread, Sorrow, Spell, Spirit, Spongeware, Steep, STEW, Storyteller, Storytelling, STOUT stroll, Stunning, Sweaters, SWEEPSTAKES, Symbolism
T)TANISTRY, Tankard, Tea, Tea pot, Thatch, Thoroughbreds, Tides, Tory, Tradition, Tragedy, Troubles, Tunes, Turf, Tweeds
U)Unique, Universal
V)Valiant knight, Vitriol, Vivacious, Vivid
W)Wail, Wake, Wee, Wellies, Whiskey, Whiskey, Wizard, Wonder, Woolens, Woven
Y)Yarn, Yellow
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St. Patrick's Day
Gaelic Lore: The Luck of the Irish, Irish-American Heritage Month, March 17, St. Patricks Day
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Common Irish expressions and words

Dia dhuit, a chara, (Hello)
Go raibh maith agat, (Thanks)
Go raibh m�le maith agat agus �dh m�r libh, (Thanks, and good luck to you)
Ceademile failte=1
Erin go bragh=Ireland forever
Mauverneen= my darling
Pigs Trotters
Pisogue= Irish wise woman
1,000 welcomes

Claddagh: The heart for love, the hands for friendship, the crown for loyalty

More Irish information: Do you know? Any Irish town whose name begins with Lis means fairies live there.

An Irish Blessing: May you always have walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain, tea beside the fire.
Laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire.

Other Irish Blessings/Expressions:

May your right hand be stretched out in friendship and never in want.
May the saddest day in your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.
May the roof above us never fall in, and may the friends gathered below it never fall out.
May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door.
May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.
May your troubles be less and your blessing be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.
contributed by Jan Cook, sources unknown

Irish Lesson Plan ACTIVITIES from

1. Name gold items and other treasures for a pot of gold
2. What recipes use potatoes or ingredients from a potato?
3. List three lucky people
4. Draw a rainbow or a four-leaf clover
5. Name 13 green things or words with green in them
6. Share stories about magical things or people
7. Suggest places to go that offer dancing and music
8. What things are typically Irish?
9. Who has helped the Irish people besides St. Patrick?
10. Imagine good jobs that leprechauns could do or find and tell about them
11. List eight names associated with the Irish
12. What sports teams have green in their uniforms
Shared by DM, Essex County Newspapers

More Irish Lesson Plan activities

1. Make a collage about Ireland. Use words, symbols and photographs
2. Locate the weather page in your newspaper. Find listings for weather that have similar temperatures and conditions to those you would find in Ireland. Compare locations, landforms and other information for the city/country you found and Ireland.
3. Write a news story for a historical event that took place in Ireland as if you were a reporter who was there when it happened. Use a newspaper for examples of news stories.
4. Make a clipping file on Ireland. Watch the newspaper for information about the peace process in Ireland. Note changes that occur and what helps or hurts peace in Northern Ireland.
5. Select a person from the history of Ireland and write an obituary for him/her. See newspaper obituaries for examples. Some research may help you learn more about some individuals, or you may need to create some details that are not given.
6. What rights and responsibilities named in the Bill of Rights would help the Irish maintain peace? Find examples of people using or abusing these rights and responsibilities in newspapers.
7. Locate and read a newspaper story about conflict between religious groups. Identify the religions involved. What issues are at the center of the conflict? Indicate whether the issues are really related to religious differences, or whether they are caused by political, social or historical differences. Report your findings. Discuss the newspaper story with a small group. What recommendations would your group suggest to solve the conflict? What is the root of the conflict in Ireland?
8. Find an example from the newspaper of conflict between different ethnic groups or cultures. What groups are involved? What is the reason for the conflict? What recommendations would you make to reduce prejudice and end the conflict?
9. Work in small groups to select a story from a newspaper or magazine that includes conflict of some kind. Take turns role-playing the two sides of the conflict for the rest of the class. Use some peer-mediation skills to try to resolve the conflict, by following this process:
(1) describe the mediation process,
(2) tell the story,
(3) identify facts and issues,
(4) identify alternative solutions,
(5) revise and discuss solutions,
(6) reach an agreement.
Watch for follow-up stories in the newspaper that indicate how the matter was actually resolved.
(with thanks to C.D. of NIE )

Using the newspaper find as many of these items relating to Irish lore as you can.
1. An advertisement for an item that would take a pot of gold to buy.
2. A recipe for preparing corned beef and cabbage
3. A feature story about lucky people or events
4. A city that might be able to see a rainbow due to their weather.
5. A list of all the different shades of green named in the paper.
6. Four lucky things you wish for that you could write on each leaf of a four leaf clover.
7. A location hosting a St. Patrick Day parade, party or dance.
8. Something Irish
9. A photo of someone celebrating St. Patrick Day
10. A story about someone who is helping others like St. Patrick helped his fellow Irishmen.
11. Find a classified help wanted listed that would be a good job for a leprechaun.
12. A list of Irish names found in the obituary listings.
13. The name of a sports team whose colors are green & white.
14. A comic strip about St. Patrick Day
Provided by Diane Goold, Newspaper In Education Director, St. Joseph News-Press, St. Joseph, MO & Dale Miller (Essex County Newspaper)

Green things (or things that have green in their names)
greenhouse, greenbacks, green around the gills, Greensleeves, Greenwich, green-eyed monster, green eggs and ham, chlorophyll, The Incredible Hulk, Kermit the Frog, Greenland, Penicillin, The Grinch, Puff the Magic Dragon, green light, greenhorn, green gage plum, The Green Berets, greenery, green card, little green men, green thumb, green(s) fee, evergreens, Gumby, Mr. Greenjeans, The Green Mountains, The Green Party, Greenspan, Green Bay Packers, Greenwich Village, The Jolly Green Giant shared by SC, North Canton, OH

Additional list of Green word list from
turn green, greenish, grass, greenbelt, Greenway (Kate), Greenback Party, green bean, green apple, green finch, green grocer, Green Mountain Boys, green onion, green pepper, Greensboro, NC., Greenville, SC., green turtle, greenware, greenwood, green with envy, verdigris offers more than 610 word lists. To see more word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive word puzzles and themed content with Latin roots that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees and no ads.