Inauguration Vocabulary Word List (287)

A)Access, Accommodation, Activity, Address, Administration, Affirm, Agents, Alert, Allowance, Amenities, Appointment, Approval, Aspiration, Assist, Assistance, Attire, Authority
B)Ball, Ballyhoo, Bands, Bankroll, Beautiful, Behind-the-scenes, Bible, Big-bucks, Binding, Blue, Broadcast, Budget
C)Cabinet members, Campaign, Candidate, Candlelight dinner, Capacity, Capitol Hill, Captivate, Ceremony, Change, Changes, Character, Cheering, Chief, Children, Choice, Citizen, Colossal, Commit, Committee, Commotion, Conduct, Confer, Congressional, Constitution, Contributions, Convene, Converse, Corporations, Coverage, Coveted, Credentials, Crowd
D)Dais, Dancing, Danger, DC, Decoration, Decorum, Dedication, Delivery, Democracy, Democratic, Dignified, Dignity, Diplomatic, Direction, Disclosure, Documentation, Donations, Donors, Duties
E)Effective, Election, Elective, Energetic, Enthusiasm, Enticement, Esteem, Event, Eventful, Exalted, Excitement, Exclusive, Executive, Expression, Extravagant
F)Faith, Faithful, Families, Fanfare, Federal, Festivities, Finance chair, Flag, Folks, Formal, Four-year term, Fund raising
G)Giver, Glimpse, Glory, Government, Grounds, Guard, Guests
H)Hand shakes, Head, Hearing, History, Honor, Hoopla, Hooray, Hope, Hordes, Horses
I)Image, Imagination, Impact, Importance, Important, In-kind support, Inaugural committee, Inaugurate, Inauguration, Inclusive, Individuals, Instructions, International, Invitation, Issue
J)January 20, Jumbo video screen, Justice
L)Late-night affair, Leaders, Leadership, Lectern, Legal, Limousine, Listening, Lobbyist, Loud speaker, Loyalty
M)Majestic, Majority, Mall, Marching bands, Men, Message
N)Nation, National, Natural-born, News, Newspapers, Nomination, Noon
O)Oath, Observe, Office, Official, Open, Opponent, Orator, Ordinary, Organization, Organizer, Original
P)Parade, Party, Patriotism, Peak, People, Personality, Planning, Platform, Podium, Policies, Political action, Politician, Pomp, Popularity, Position, Power, Powerful, Prayers, Precision, Preparation, Presidential, Press, Principals, Privilege, Protect, Protection, Public
Q)Quality, Questions
R)Ratings, Red, Relationships, Religious, Rely, Reporters, Reporting, Republican, Respect, Responsibility, Restriction, Revel, Revered, Role
S)Seating, Secret service, Security, Selection, Serious, Serve, Service, Silence, Situation, Solemn, Sought-after, Sounds, Special, Spectacle, Spectators, Speech, Sponsor, Statement, States, Status, Succeed, Success, Support, Supporter, Swear, Swearing-in, Symbol
T)Television, Term, Theme, Throughout, Time table, Tradition, Transition, Trustee
U)Unification, Unions, Unique, United States, Unity, Upfront, Uphold, Upraised, Utmost
V)Vantage point, Vice-President, Vigor, VIP, Visitors, Vociferous, Voters
W)Washington, Watching, Weather, Well-heeled, White, White House, Witness, Women, Workers, World, Worldwide, Worthy
Z)Zeal, Zest
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Presidential Inaugural Oath of Office:
"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

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