Ice Skating and Figure Skating Vocabulary Word List (205)

A)Accuracy, Adulation, Age, Arabesque, Arena, Athlete, Attempt, Axel
B)Backspin, Backward, Boards, Boys
C)Camel spin, Cantilever, Chasse, Cheering, Choreography, Coach, Coach, Command, Competition, Competition, Compulsory, Concussion, Control, Conventional, Courage, Crossover, Crossover
D)Danger, Dangerous, Daunting, Death spiral, Difficulty, Discipline, Dominate, Dream
E)Edge, Electrifying, Element, Eligibility, European Figure Skating Championships, Evaluation, Excellence, Execution, Exercise, Exertion, Exhibition
F)Fall, Fans, Fast, Figures, Fitness, Flying, Footwork, Forceful, Forward, Fracture, Freezing
G)Gear, Gifted, Girls, Glory
H)Healthy, History, Hobby, Hollering, Honor, Hoot, Hop, Hoping
I)Ice dancing, Idol, Impact, Improvise, Influences, Injuries, Instincts, International, ISU
J)Jeopardy, Joy, Jubilation, Judge, Jumps, Juniors
K)Keen, Kiss and Cry
L)Ladies, Lament, Launch, Layback, Learning, Leg, Levels, Lift, Locker, Losing, Loss, Lunge, Lutz
M)Medalist, Men, Midair, Mission, Muscular, Music
O)Observe, Official, Olympics, Opening, Ordinals, Origin, Outdoors, Outfit, Ovation
P)Pace, Passion, Pastime, Penalties, Perfection, Photographs, Physical, Pivot, Pleasure, Points, Position, Practice, Proficient, Program, Pursue
Q)Qualifying, Quality, Quality, Quest, Quick
R)Retire, Revered, Rink, Rink side, Rotation
S)Salchow, Scars, School figures, Score, Scoring, Screaming, Season, Security, Seniors, Sequence, Sequins, Setback, Shiver, Single and pair skating, Sit spin, Skates, Somersault, SP (short program), Spin, Spin, Spiral, Sport, Status, Strategy, Striving, Surgery
T)Talent, Tape, Teacher, Team, Teammates, Teamwork, Toe pick, Tracing, Trainer, Trophy, Two-foot
U)Ultimate, Unique, Upright spin
V)Victory, Violation, Vociferous, Vow, Vulnerable
W)Warrant, Win, Winter, Wishing, Women, Workout, Worlds, Worldwide
Y)Yells, Youth, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous, Zest, Zigzag, Zone. indoors
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