Hurricanes Vocabulary Word List (276)

A)Affect, Air pressure, Alert, Anchor, Anemometer, Anxiety, Area, Arrival, Assistance, August
B)Barometric pressure, Barrier islands, Batter, Batteries, Beachfront, Blow, Blown to bits, Board-up, Boarded, Brace, Breakage, Broadcast, Brunt, Brutal, Buffet, Bulletin
C)Calm, Caribbean, Category, Cause, Changing, Closed off, Clouds, Coast, Community, Conditions, Confirmation, Consequences, Control, Cooperation, Coping, Counterclockwise, Courage, Course, Crisis, Cyclone
D)Damage, Danger, Data, Deadly, Death, Debris, Depression, Destination, Destruction, Destruction, Devastation, Development, Direct hit, Direction, Disease, Dollars, Doppler, Douse
E)Effect, Electrical power, Emergency, Endanger, Energy, Equator, Erratic, Evacuation, Evaporation, Examination, Experiment, Eye, Eye-wall
F)Failure, Fear, Flashlight, Flee, Float, Flood, Flooding, Flotsam, Focus, Foolhardy, Force, Forebode, Forecast, Forerunner, Foretell, Formation, Frenzy, Frightening, Fronds
G)Generate, Go!, Government, Gulf of Mexico, Gusts
H)Heed, Help, High tide, Hit, Horror, Howling, Huge, Hundreds
I)Immense, Impact, Infamous, Information, Injury, Insane, Intensity, Inundate
J)Jostle, July, June, Junk
K)Kick up, Kill, Knots
L)Land, Landfall, Lantern, Large, Lash, Latitude, Life-and-death, Lightening, Likelihood, Loom, Looting, Loss, Loud
M)Mandatory, Manning, Meteorologist, Miles per hour, Mourn, Movement
N)Nailed, National Hurricane Research Laboratory, National Weather Service, Nature, Nerves, News, Newscaster, November
O)Obstacles, Ocean, Official, Ominous, Operation, Options, Outage, Outrun, Overflow, Overwhelm
P)Panic, Path, Pessimism, Photo, Picture, Pinpoint, Plan, Police, Power, Powerful, Precaution, Prediction, Preparations, Pressure, Priority, Prolonged, Protection
Q)Quandary, Questions, Quick
R)Radar, Radio, Rain, Rapid, Ravage, Reach, Reality, Records, Recovery, Red Cross, Regions, Remnants, Repairs, Reporting, Rescue, Research, Response, Rise, Risk, Roar, Ruin
S)Safety, Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Scale, Satellite, Scenario, Scientist, Sea, Search-and-rescue, Season, Seeding, September, Services, Sewage, Shatter, Shelter, Shutter, Situation, Speed, State, Storm, Storm surge, Strike, Strong, Struck, Study, Surge, Survivor, Sustained
T)Target, Temperature, Tend to, Thousands, Threatening, Tides, Tracking, Tragedy, Trajectory, Travel, Tropical, Turbulence, Typhoon
U)Unbelievable, Underwater, Unusual, Unwelcome, Update, Urge
V)Vector, Veer, Velocity, Vengeance
W)Wait, Wall clouds, Warning, Washed out, Watch, Water, Waves, Weaken, Weather, Whip, Whirling, Widespread, Wind, Winds, Worrisome, Wreck, Wreckage
Y)Year, Yelling, Yield
Z)Zigzag, Zone, Zoom
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Hurricane Information
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