Hurricane Readiness and Preparation Vocabulary Word List (141)

A)Activity, Advance, Africa, Aid, Alert, Anxiety, Areas, August, Authorities, Aware
B)Basic, Batteries, Blinds, Brace
C)Canned goods, Cash, Cell phones, Chargers, Choices, Claim, Common, Communication, Concern, Confidence, Converters, Costs
D)Damage, Darkness, Details, Disruptions, Drugs, Dry, Dry goods
E)East Coast, Electricity, Elevate, Emergency, Evacuate
F)Fear, Finalize, First-aid kit, Flashlights, Flooding, Focus, Food, Formations, Fortifying, Freeze, Fuel
G)Gas, Gas can, Generator
H)Heed, Help, Hide, Home survival, Homeowner, Hurricanes
I)Imminent, Impact-rated, Improvements, In advance, Information, Informative, Insurance, Insurers, Inventory, Issues
J)July, June
L)Landscape, Locality, Loss
M)Major, Management, Medicines, Model numbers
N)National Hurricane Center, Neighbors, NOAA (National Hurricane and Atmospheric Administration), Nonperishable, Nuts
O)Occurrences, Officials
P)Pattern, Pets, Photographs, Picture, Plans, Plastic containers, Plywood, Portable radio, Possessions, Precursor, Predictions, Preparations, Prescriptions, Pressure-rated, Prevention, Prices, Proactive, Protein bars, Public-safety
Q)Quantity, Quick
R)Region, Replacements, Routine
S)Safety, Schedule, Secure, September, Sharing, Shutter, Snapshots, South, Start, Stock up, Storage, Storms, Supplies, Survive
T)Temperatures, The Weather Channel, Threatening, Tie down, Timing, Trim trees
U)Understanding, Unprecedented, Upstairs. shuffle around, US government
W)Warnings, Watch, Water, Weather, Witness, Worry
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