Horses (animals) Vocabulary Word List (332)

A)Ability, Achievement, Advance, Advantage, AHSA, Alfalfa, Ancestry, Animals, Appearance, Appetite, Arab
B)Balance, Barn, Bay, Beast, Beauty, Bedding, Beginner, Behavior, Best, Betting, Bid, Bit, Blacksmith, Blaze, Blinders, Bran, Breeches, Breeding, Bridle, Buckle
C)Cannon, Canter, Career, Challenge, Champion, Change, Charge, Chestnut, Chuff, Cinders, Circumstances, Clover, Coat, Colors, Colt, Command, Commanding, Communication, Compete, Competition, Condition, Configuration, Contender, Contribution, Course, Crop, Croup, Cue, Currycomb
D)Dam, Demise, Demonstration, Derby, Dirt, Disaster, Domesticated, Dominance, Doze, Dun
E)Earnings, Ease, Ecstasy, Effortless, Equestrian, Equine, Equipment, Equitation, Euthanize, Event, Eventful, Examination, Exercise, Exhibition, Expense, Experience
F)Failure, Falter, Farm, Fault, Favorite, Fee, Feed, Fever, Filly, Flesh, Foal, Forefoot, Forelock, Formation, Frame, Furlong
G)Gait, Gallop, Gelding, Gentle, Grain, Grass, Graze
H)Habit, Hackamore, Hackney, Halter, Handler, Handling, Hands, Harness racing, Hay, Hide, Highlight, Hind, Historic, Hoof, Hooves, Hope, Horse, Horseback, Horseflesh, Horsefly, Horsemanship, Horseshoe, Horsey
I)Illness, Immortality, Imported, Industry, Inflammation, Injury, Innate, Instinct, Intelligence, Intermediate, International, Investment
J)Jockey, Jodhpurs, Judging, Jump-off, Jumping
K)Keen, Kentucky Derby, Key, Kick
L)Laminitis, Last-place, Lead, Lead, Leather, Leg, Legacy, Lessons, Line, Loss, Louisville, Lunge
M)Magnificent, Mammal, Mane, Maneuver, Manger, Mare, Maturity, May, Meadow, Medication, Memorable, Money, Motion, Mount, Movement, Muzzle
N)National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA), Natural, Neigh, Novice
O)Oats, Obedience, Obstacle, Odds, Official, Outdoors, Outing, Oval, Owner, Ownership
P)Pace, Paddock, Parade, Participation, Pastern, Pasture, Patience, Performance, Periodic, Pick, Pinto, Place, Pony, Popularity, Position, Post, Posting, Powerful, Prize, Pro-ride surface, Professional, Puissant, Purchase price, Purebred
Q)Quality, Quarter horse, Quarters, Quintessential
R)Race, Racing, Rack, Rail fence, Ranch, Rear, Record, Regal, Regard, Register, Registry, Reins, Rhythm, Ride, Rider, Ringer, Roan, Roses, Routine, Rump, Run, Runner-up
S)Saddle, Safety and Integrity Alliance, Season, Shavings, Shoe, Show, Signal, Sire, Skill, Snaffle, Sock, Sorrel, Spectator, Speed, Sport, Springtime, Spur, Stable, Stall, Stallion, Stand, Stands, Star, Steed, Steeplechase, Stellar, Steroids, Stirrup, Stock, Stomp, Strap, Strenuous, Stress, Stretch, Stud, Style, Surpass, Symptom, Synthetic surface
T)Tack, Temperament, Temperamental, Terrain, Therapy, Thoroughbred, Thrush, Title, Top, Track, Trainer, Transportation, Triple Crown, Trot, Trotting, Turf, Twitch
U)Unbeaten, Unique, Untangle, Unusual, Upset, Useful
V)Vaccination, Variety, Veterinarian, Victory, Vigor, Vigorous, Visible, Voice
W)Wean, Whinny, Whip, Wicker, Widespread, Win, Winner, Withers, Workout, Worldwide, Worst, Wrong
Y)Yearling, Youths
Z)Zeal, Zest
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