Horses and Ranches Vocabulary Word List (238)

A)AHSA, Alfalfa, Ancestry, Appaloosa, Appearance, Appetite
B)Balance, Bald-face, Barn, Bay, Beauty, Bedding, Beginner, Behavior, Bit, Blanket, Blaze, Boots, Bran, Breeches, Breeding, Bridle, Bronco, Buckle
C)Cannon, Canter, Canter, Carnival, Challenge, Champion, Chestnut, Chuff, Cinch, Cinders, Circus, Clover, Coat, Colt, Command, Communication, Competition, Condition, Contribution, Cowboy, Cowhand, Crop, Cross-country, Croup, Cue, Currycomb, Cutting
D)Dam, Demonstration, Domesticated, Doze, Draft, Dressage, Driving, Dun
E)Ease, Effortless, Equestrian, Equipment, Equitation, Event, Eventful, Examination, Exercise, Exhibition, Extension
F)Farm, Farrier, Fault, Fee, Feed, Fetlock, Filly, Foal, Forefoot, Forelock, Formation, Furlong
G)Gait, Gallop, Gelding, Gentle, Gesture, Grain, Grand Prix, Grass, Graze
H)Habit, Hackamore, Hackney, Halter, Handler, Handling, Hands, Harness, Hay, Hide, Hind, Hoof, Horse show, Horseback, Horsefly, Horsemanship, Horseshoe, Hunting
I)Illness, Industry, Injury, Intelligence, Intermediate, International
J)Jockey, Jodhpur, Joy, Judging, Jump-off, Jumping
K)Keen, Kentucky Derby
L)Laminitis, Lead, Leather, Liniment, Lunge
M)Mane, Manger, Mare, Meadow, Medication, Motion, Mount, Movement, Mustang, Muzzle
N)Nag, Nation�s Cup, Natural, Neigh, Novice
O)Oats, Obedience, Obstacles, Official, Outdoors, Outing, Owner
P)Pace, Paddock, Palomino, Parade, Participation, Pastern, Pasture, Patience, Penalties, Performance, Periodic, Pick, Pinto, Pleasure pony, Popularity, Posting, Powerful, Puissant, Purebred
Q)Quarter horse, Quarters
R)Racing, Rack, Rail fence, Ranch, Recreation, Refusal, Register, Registry, Reins, Rhythm, Rider, Rodeo, Routine
S)Saddle, Salt, Shavings, Signals, Sire, Skill, Snaffle, Sock, Sorrel, Speed, Springtime, Spur, Stable, Stall, Stallion, Star, Steeplechase, Stirrup, Strap, Strenuous, Stud, Style, Sulky, Symptoms
T)Tack, Tame, Terrain, Thoroughbred, Thrush, Timothy, Trainer, Trot, Twitch
U)Unique, Untangle, Unusual, Useful
V)Vaccination, Variety, Veterinarian, Vigor, Visible, Voice
W)Wean, Whicker, Whinny, Whip, Widespread, Withers, Workout
Z)Zeal, Zest
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Horses and Ranches Lesson Plans and Discussion Ideas:

1. If someone owns a horse, what care is necessary? (ideas: stall, food, grooming, shoes, medical care)
2. How often does a horse need food? What kinds of food are essential to the animal's well-being? (ideas: quantity, quality and why these choices make a difference)
3. Do you know what these expressions mean?
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