Horse Racing-Triple Crown Vocabulary Word List (281)

A)Advance, AHSA, Alfalfa, Ancestry, Appearance, Appetite, Apprehension, Aqueduct, Arab, Ascot
B)Balance, Barn, Bay, Beast, Beauty, Bedding, Beginner, Behavior, Belmont Stakes, Betting, Bit, Blacksmith, Blaze, Blinders, Bran, Breeches, Breeding, Bridle, Buckle
C)Cannon, Canter, Career, Challenge, Champion, Charge, Chestnut, Chuff, Churchill Downs, Cinders, Clover, Coat, Colors, Colt, Command, Communication, Compete, Competition, Condition, Contender, Contribution, Course, Croup, Cue, Currycomb
D)Daily double, Dam, Demonstration, Derby, Disaster, Domesticated, Doze, Dun
E)Earnings, Ease, Effortless, Equestrian, Equine, Equipment, Equitation, Event, Eventful, Examination, Exercise, Exhibition, Extension
F)Failure, Falter, Farm, Favorite, Fee, Feed, Festivity, Fever, Filly, Foal, Forefoot, Forelock, Formation, Frame, Furlong
G)Gait, Gallop, Gamble, Gelding, Gentle, Gesture, Grain, Grass, Graze
H)Habit, Hackamore, Hackney, Halter, Handicap, Handler, Handling, Hands, Hats, Hay, Hide, Hind, Hoof, Horse, Horseback, Horsefly, Horsemanship, Horsey
I)Illness, Industry, Inflammation, Injury, Intelligence, Intermediate, International
J)Jockey, Jodhpur, Joy, Judging, Jump-off, Jumping
K)Keen, Kentucky Derby, Kick
L)Laminitis, Last-place, Lead, Leather, Leg, Loss, Louisville, Lunge, Lure
M)Maiden race, Mammal, Mane, Manger, Mare, May, Meadow, Medication, Motion, Mount, Movement, Muzzle
N)Nation�s Cup, Natural, Neigh, Notice, Novice
O)Oats, Obedience, Obstacle, Odds, Official, Outdoors, Outing, Overcome, Owner
P)Pace, Paddock, Parade, Participation, Pastern, Pasture, Patience, Penalty, Performance, Periodic, Pick, Pinto, Place, Pony, Popularity, Post, Posting, Powerful, Prize, Puissant, Purebred
Q)Quarter horse, Quarters
R)Race, Racing, Rack, Rail fence, Ranch, Rear, Regard, Register, Registry, Reins, Rhythm, Ride, Rider, Ringer, Roan, Roses, Routine, Rump, Run, Runner-up
S)Saddle, Santa Anita, Shavings, Show, Signal, Sire, Skill, Snaffle, Sock, Sorrel, Southwest Stakes, Speed, Springtime, Spur, Stable, Stakes race, Stall, Stallion, Stand, Stands, Star, Starting gate, Steed, Steeplechase, Stellar, Stirrup, Strap, Strenuous, Stress, Stretch, Stud, Style, Symptom
T)Tack, Temperament, Temperamental, Terrain, Thoroughbred, Thrush, Top, Track, Trainer, Triple Crown, Trot, Twitch
U)Unbeaten, Unique, Untangle, Unusual, Useful
V)Vaccination, Variety, Veterinarian, Victory, Vigor, Visible, Voice
W)Wean, Whicker, Whinny, Whip, Widespread, Win, Winner, Withers, Workout
Y)Yearling, Young
Z)Zeal, Zest
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Triple Crown Race - Belmont Stakes for 2014
Horses for the Saturday 6/7/14 race and odds of winning:
California Chrome 1-1
Ride On Curlin 5-1
Commanding Curve 15-2
Tonalist 15-2
Wicked Strong 9-1
Medal Count 14-1
Samraat 20-1
Comissioner 33-1
Matterhorn 33-1
Social Inclusion 33-1
Kid Cruz 40-1
Matuszak 40-1
General a Rod �

The Kentucky Derby Top Ten 2013
Source: Kevin's Best Bets, from SportsChatter, rates the top contenders of the May 4th race.
1 - Revolutionary
2 - Itsmyluckyday 3 - Palace Malice
4 - Normandy Invasion
5 - Mylute
6 - Orb
7 -Verrazano
8 - Goldencents
9 - Vjack
10 - Overanalyze

The Kentucky Derby Dozen 2012 by rank
source USA Today
Union Rags, Creative Cause, El Padrino, Hansen, Gemologist, Dullahan, Mark Valeski, I'll Have Another, Aplha, Take Charge Indy, Bodemeister, Secret Circle

The Kentucky Derby Dozen 2008 by rank
source Tom Pedulla, USA Today
Pyro, Big Brown (Win), Cool Coal Man, Denis of Cork (Show), Court Vision, Colonel John, El Gato Malo, Big Truck, Atoned, War Pass, Smooth Air, Visionaire, Eight Bells (Place) offers more than 645 word lists. To see other animal and horses word lists, go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no ads, registration or fees.