Holocaust Vocabulary Word List (368)

A)Accuse, Adolf Hitler, Agonize, Air raid, Alarm, Allies, Ancestry, Anti-Semitic, Anxiety, Appalling, Appeal, Arms, Army, Arrest, Artillery, Aryan, Atmosphere, Atrocity, Attack, Austere, Authority, Axis powers
B)Ban, Barbaric, Battle, Beatings, Belgium, Belsen, Birkenau, Bitter, Bomb, Boxcars, Bravery, Brown-shirts, Brutal, Brutality, Buchenwald, Burning
C)Campaign, Cattle-car, Challenge, Chamber, Chant, Charges, Civilian, Cold, Collaborator, Command, Commemorate, Commitment, Concentration camps, Conditions, Confiscation, Confrontation, Conquer, Conscience, Control, Convict, Corruption, Courage, Cramped, Crime, Cruelty
D)Dachau, Dangerous, Death camp, Deception, Declare, Deed, Degrade, Demoralize, Denial, Denmark, Deport, Deprivation, Desire, Despair, Desperate, Despicable, Despise, Destruction, Detention, Determination, Dictatorship, Disciplined, Disease, Dismay, Disparage, Displaced, Drama
E)Elite, Empire, Endure, Enemy, Escape, Ethnic group, Europe, Event, Evidence, Evil, Execution, Exhaustion, Expel, Experiment, Exposure, Extermination, Extremist
F)Factories, Families, Fanatic, Fatherland, Fear, Fight, Fire, Firing squad, F�hrer (leader), Flee, Flight, Forget, Foul, France, Frantic, Freedom, Fright
G)Gas chamber, Gassing, Gendarmerie, Generals, Generation, Genocide, Germans, Germany, Gestapo, Ghetto, Glory, Goal, Government, Guard. guilt, Gunfire, Gypsies
H)Harsh, Hatred, Headquarters, Heil, Hideous, Hiding, Hitler, Honor, Hoodlum, Hope, Horrible, Horrific, Horror, Humanity, Hunger, Hunted
I)Illegal, Impediment, Impose, Imprisonment, Incorrect, Infantry, Inflame, Influence, Inhumane, Injuries, Injustice, Interrogation, Intolerance, Invade, Invasion, Investigation
J)Jail, Jeer, Jews, Judgment, Justice
K)Keen, Killing, Kosher
L)Labor, Lamentation, Laws, Lebensraum (living space), Legacy, Lesson, Liberation, Lies, Losses, Loyalty
M)Maim, Marches, Mass meetings, Mass murder, Massacre, Medical experiments, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), Memories, Millions, Monstrous
N)Nationalism, Nazi, Netherlands, Network, Norway
O)Obsession, Occupation, Odious, Officer, Official, Opponent, Order, Orders, Outlaw, Outnumber, Outrage, Overrun, Overthrow
P)Pawn, Perfection, Perish, Perpetrate, Persecution, Plot, Poison, Poland, Poles, Police, Political party, Political prisoner, Population, Possessions, Power, Prayer, Press, Pride, Prison, Proclamation, Prohibit, Propaganda, Prosecution, Proud, Punishment, Purity, Push back
Q)Query, Quest, Questioning, Quick, Quirk
R)Race, Railroad, Rally, Regime, Rehabilitation, Reich, Reichstag (parliament), Rejection, Relocation, Remembrance, Renounce, Reprisal, Resilience, Resistance, Restriction, Retaliation, Retreat, Revenge, Rhineland, Rights, Risk, Route
S)Safety, Salvation, Scare, Scary, Scheme, Schutzstaffel (SS), Secrecy, Security, Seize, Serbs, Sewage, Shelter, Shock, Shootings, Siren, Slaughter, Slave labor, Slogan, Soldier, Sorrow, Spying, Squad, Stalin, Starvation, Steal, Stories, Storm troopers, Strangle, Strict, Struggle, Subvert, Suffering, Supplies, Supreme, Surrender, Survivor, Suspect, Suspicious, Swastika, Sympathy, Synagogue
T)Take-over, Tank, Tarnish, Tattoo, Temperature, Tension, Terrify, Territory, Terror, Thousands, Torture, Tough, Tranferred, Transportation, Treatment, Treaty, Trial
U)Unarmed, Unforgettable, Uniforms, Unions, Universal, Unstable
V)Valor, Verdict, Versailles Treaty, Vicious, Victim, Victory, Viewpoint, Violation, Vision, Vitriolic
W)Waffen-SS, Wail, Warning, Warrant, Wartime, Weaken, Weapon, Widespread, Wipe out, World War II, Worry, Worst, Wound, Wrong
Y)Yelling, Yellow star, Yiddish, Yield, Youth organization (Hitler youth)
Z)Zeal, Zealot, Zealous
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Names of German perpetrators during the Holocaust :
Paul Joseph Goebbels,Chief Nazi Propagandist
Hermann Goering, Second in Command
Rudolf Hess, The Secretary and Deputy to Hitler
Heinrich Himmler, Chief Executioner
Paul Von Hindenburg,President
Alfred Rosenberg, Philosopher

Benito Mussolini, Italian Dictator

Holocaust Lesson Plan Ideas and discussion:
1. Name at least five consequences of the hatred Adolf Hitler showed.
2. What means did Adolf Hitler use to murder Jews and ethnics? Where? How?
3. What circumstances contributed to the success and demise of Adolf Hitler?
4. Discuss the plight of the Jews. How was survival possible under the conditions of the dictatorship of Hitler?
5. List the names of the horrible death camps and their locations in various countries
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