Herbs Vocabulary Word List (142)

A)Affordable, Amounts, Angelica, Anise, Annual, Aromatic
B)Bark, Basil, Basket, Bay leaf, Benefit, Beverage, Biennial, Blend, Boil, Borage, Bounty
C)Caraway, Cardamom, Cayenne, Celery, Chicory, Cilantro, Cinnamon, Clippings, Cloves, Common, Complement, Component, Condition, Cooking, Coriander, Cosmetics, Cuisine, Culinary, Cultivate, Cure, Curry
D)Damage, Difference, Dill, Disease, Dish, Dish, Drain, Dried
F)Far East, Farm, Fennel, Firm, Flavor, Flower, Fragrance, Freeze-dry, Fresh, Frozen, Fruits
G)Garden, Garlic, Green, Grow, Growth
H)Herb, History, Horse radish, Hybrid
I)Ingredient, Insects, Iron
J)Jellies, Juniper
L)Lavender, Leafy, Licorice, Living, Location
M)Marjoram, Medicinal, Mediterranean, Mint
N)Native, Natural, Nutmeg
O)Oregano, Origin
P)Parsley, Pepper, Pepper corns, Perennial, Place, Plant, Plant parts, Poultry, Powder, Preparation, Preserve
Q)Quality, Quantity
R)Recipe, Region, Rosemary, Rub
S)Saffron, Sage, Salt, Sauce, Season, Seeds, Sesame, Shape, Shoots, Shop, Short-lived, Snipping, Sorrel, Source, Spice, Stem, Stolon, Sweet
T)Tarragon, Taste, Tea, Thyme, Trade, Traditional, Tumeric
U)Underground, Use
V)Vanilla, Volatile
W)Warmth, Watering, Weed, Wilt, Wind, Wintergreen, Woody
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